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Peace And Prosperity Of The Tang Dynasty

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Brett Wagner
Dr. Song
The Peace and Prosperity of the Tang Dynasty

China is a country with an incredibly rich history spanning more than 2,000 years. This history involves centuries and centuries of dynasties being overthrown and the repeated splitting and reunification of China. With constant conflict and millions of soldiers having died over the years, one would think China would never experience a state of tranquility, and then the Sui dynasty was succeeded by the Tang dynasty. The Tang dynasty was a period of peace and prosperity for China. There were many factors that contributed to the peace and prosperity of the Tang dynasty, however it seems to be true that all things good ...view middle of the document...

For example, a new system of “equal land allotments among the male population”2 greatly increased agricultural production, which in turn increased the economy. Another liberal move by the Tang dynasty was standardizing taxes and keeping them generally low, this allowed more people to live in such areas almost doubling the population.
The Tang dynasty is known for having been a time of prosperity and flourishment for China with regards to the economy, the society, and the culture. The capital of the Tang dynasty, Chang’an, which is today’s Xi’an, “grew to be the largest city in the world, housing perhaps a million people and attracting traders, students, and pilgrims from all over Asia.”1 This excerpt effectively summarizes the success of the Tang dynasty, and how this thriving time attracted more people from all over Asia. One attribute of the Tang that I think is very significant to mention is that they “showed themselves remarkably open to what other cultures had to offer.”1 Prior to the Tang dynasty, there were many that tried to get rid of other cultures by replacing them with their own, however the Tang welcomed other cultures which made it much more peaceful and welcoming. There was an expansion of the Silk Road during this time period, which further promoted international trade all of which stimulated economic growth.
The arts were very important to the culture of the Tang dynasty. This dynasty is also sometimes referred to as the golden age of Chinese poetry, because some of China’s most famous poets lived during this time period when literature blossomed. Some of these famous poets include “Li Bai, Du Fu…, and Li Shangyin.”2 Education in general became very prominent, with the establishment of state schools and the issuance of the Five Classics. This was done in order to spread Confucianism. China became very attractive to merchants and pilgrims from neighboring countries such as “Japan, Korea, and Tibet”1 bringing with them goods such as “horses, jewels, musical instruments, and textiles,”1 which added to the melting pot of culture that China had become. The “Chinese in this period were more than happy to gather about them the best of what the rest of their world had to offer,”1 which was fantastic for the expansion and absorption of culture, a few other things that were added to the Tang culture were “foreign fashions in hair and clothing…and the game of polo.”1
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