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Peanut Oil Press Users To Share The Truth About Your Operating Principle Of It Under Your

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Peanut yellowish transparent, bright color, fragrant smell, taste delicious, is a more easily digestible edible oil. Peanut oil containing more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid, which contains 41.2% linoleic acid 37.6%). It also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid, a saturated fatty acid of 19.9%??. Peanut oil fatty acid composition is relatively good, easy to be digested. According to foreign materials, the use of peanut oil, can break down cholesterol in the body and excreted as bile acids, thereby lowering plasma cholesterol levels. In addition, the peanut oil also contains sterols, wheat germ phenols, lecithin, vitamin E, choline and other substances beneficial to humans. Regular consumption of peanut oil, can prevent skin ...view middle of the document...

Whether it is in the process of using peanut oil press or just those peanut oil press in the course of good, there are a lot of different operations. Peanut oil press equipment in the actual use of the process, we first have to do is read the instructions carefully, and then wait until we are familiar with the mechanical performance characteristics and method of operation, go to the appropriate action. In addition, before we turned, we must make a comprehensive inspection of, say, the situation between the various components parts if there is missing, as well as whether there is some unusual cases, etc. We need to pay attention to these a. Should Otherwise, our practice is to have a great impact.
Peanut oil press in the actual use of the process, due to space squeezed between the chamber and the pressing screw gradually shrinking, as well as increasing the density of the oil, in actual use, the pressure is increased as in. In addition, the press in the actual use of the process, its unique automatic temperature control device, can be very effective in reducing the labor intensity, as well as the situation of wear, effective maintenance performance of the device. In this case, it can be very good is to save our human and material resources of the.
Peanut oil press in the actual process of adaptation is with high performance advantage. However, in actual operation, we must make the appropriate care and maintenance work, should otherwise, that there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble. More consultation Visit

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