Penthouse To The “Big House” Essay

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Penthouse to the “Big House”

Is pornography a problem? Does it impact marriages? Does it degrade women? Is is addictive or not? Does it inspire other crimes like rape or add fuel to human trafficking or sex tourism? Does it impact everyone to include men, women, and children? The Internet explosion has brought the previously underground world of pornography directly to the homes and desktops of millions of Americans. While some of us may see pornography's popularity as a sign of America's profound moral decay, others may believe pornography is harmless -- and even beneficial or educational. What are the answers to the above questions? Is pornography dirty entertainment or ...view middle of the document...

47). Not everything falls into this definition and what may arouse some may not arouse others. If women are always confined to be young, white, black, or asian bodied while also fitting many men’s narrow concept of beauty of being thin, large-breasted, and blonde or brunette, what makes it different or objectionable? Is it the degrading portrayal of females and female sexuality or its sexual content or explicitness? The sexual objectification of females is not only confined in pornography, it is also a staple of mainstream movies, advertisement, record covers, songs, magazines, television shows, art, cartoons,
literature, pin-ups, and so on, and influences the way that many men learn to see women and even children. I believe this is what makes it hard to define pornography and even why some may object, and some may not.

I can remember back in 1991 when I was on a Visit, Board, Search and Seizure team for the United States Navy during the Persian Gulf War. We had to make “health and comfort” inspections on ships which were denied entry to port until they were cleared to sail or dock. On one occasion I came upon a man who was on a small barge all by himself and we brought him food and things to read until he could enter a port in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the guys on the ship gave me a Hustler magazine and asked me to give it to the man as a gift from the ship. They must have thought he was lonely and we had done this before for other ships stuck at sea. Not to mention that this was my first time in the Middle-East so I was still learning a lot about the culture. I took the magazine, placed it in the box, and we delivered the box that evening while also helping the man bail some water from his engine room. We boarded the barge the next day to check on the leak in his engine compartment and the man seemed very angry and upset. We were coming onboard to help this man out and everyone was wondering what we did to upset him. Shortly thereafter we figured it out when he threw the Hustler magazine at us just before yelling a few loud words in his native tongue. We apologized the best we could and continued our daily visits bringing him food and helping out in his engine room. A few weeks had passed and one of our other team members brought him a “Frederick’s of Hollywood” sale add. The next day the man seemed more energetic and happy than he did the past three weeks while being stuck out at sea. Everyone was wondering what made him so happy and much to our surprise it was the “Frederick’s of Hollywood” sale add. I learned later on that ‘lust’ and ‘lingerie’ were acceptable in his culture whereas ‘nudity’ and what most Americans consider ‘porn’ was not. This stuck with me through the years because I found it ironic that something we receive in the weekly mail is somewhat considered ‘porn’ in this man’s country.

If we agree that pornography is individually hard to define I would...

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