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People Magazine Essay

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People Magazine
People Magazine, first released in 1974, is completely devoted to stardom and the lives of those stars. Our modern day culture is fascinated by what stars are doing, what they are wearing, who they are dating, where they are eating, and the list goes on to cover every little detail of famous people’s lives. Fame comes in many different forms in our culture today from professional athletes to actors to Kardashians, and people in today’s culture try to escape their own lives by reading about the lifestyles of these people. The notion of fame was not the same around the late 19th and early 20th century. There were large names such as Andrew Carnegie or JP Morgan, but working ...view middle of the document...

Films were mainly focused on capturing motion and were nonsensical, lacked plot, and were used as a simple form of entertainment during the early years. The working class were the main moviegoers in the early 20th century because small theatres, known as nickelodeons, provided an easy, cheap escape from everyday life. People were able to duck into theatres and watch movies that seem pointless to us in present day, but people were amazed simply by what could be done with a camera and editing tools. Film started to spread rapidly throughout the early part of the 20th century and by 1920, it was the largest form of entertainment in the United States.
Films had changed by 1920—they started to develop plot, characters, and even comment on society in powerful ways. The rise of film started to lead to the creation and rise of film stars. They were leaders in their industry just as Carnegie or Morgan, but their industry was much different. They were projected on thousands of screens across the country, so they started to become recognized nationwide. They were becoming famous in the modern day sense of the word because of their beauty and the characters they portrayed. People started to wonder if the characters they were playing were similar to what they actually were like, and throughout the rest of the century the amount of famous people just kept growing. Sports stars started to become more important figures, politicians became more scrutinized figures, and with the rise of television, even reality television contestants could become famous. While increases in technology led to the fame of more and more people, the cultural feelings towards famous people changed outside of this rise in technology.
The middleclass has continued to grow and grow since the early 1900’s. The definition of being middleclass has been made looser and by today’s standards, most people consider themselves to be middleclass. Around the turn of the 20th century, there was a large amount of guides for how people should properly live their lives within their social class. The notion that people had guides to success within different classes leads to a conformity of class rather than the aspirations of fame that people have today. This may have changed because the middleclass has been growing and growing and it causes people to want to distinguish him or herself in some other way. Today, people are infatuated with the lifestyles of the famous and the urge to become famous as well. There almost appears to be as much of a drive for some people to go to work and try and become rich because it will lead to fame as it does for people to go to work to feed themselves. They want to live the lifestyles that are portrayed in magazines.
The fixation of famous people led to the creation of People magazine. People is a magazine that is not focused on current events but rather the people that cause them. Henry R. Luce, the creator of People puts it best in saying, “ ’We're getting back...

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