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People's Preference To Migrate To Britain In 1880

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People's Preference to Migrate to Britain in 1880

For me to explain why people choose to come to Britain in 1880 up to
the present day, I will explain the push and pull factors that people
and various ethnic groups went through that forced them out of there
own country and what attracted them to come to Britain. An example of
a push factor is war or unlawful treatment in there own country a pull
factor is something that attracts them away like being treated as
equals or safety. Some of the groups of people I will be talking about
include Jews from eastern Europe fleeing for there safety from there
governments. During the second world war lots of ...view middle of the document...

All landowners, farmers and labours were expelled
from their homes. Furthermore they were only permitted to live in
certain areas. The Russian government would sometimes play the Jewish
card this meant using the Jews for political aims, for example using
them as scapegoats by blaming them whenever anything went wrong. And
also used as a pressure valve which means they were used to release
pressure of growing unrest among the people of Russia. The Jewish
people because of this suffered pogroms, a pogrom is an organised
murder and plunder on Jews. A wave of pogroms spread throughout the
southern western regions and there was more than 200 alone in 1881.
The authorities condone them through their inaction and indifference,
sometimes even showing sympathy for the pogromists. For Jews to escape
the persecution of their that cause them so much suffering and the
government legislation, Jews came to Britain for the reason that they
heard stories of wealth, better education, tolerance, freedom to work
and that they would have access to the rest of the world in particular
the U.S.A. But didn’t drive all of the Jews from Russia, about 76,000
remained but had ridiculously small farms of, on average, 4.3 acres
each, they only just managed to survive on these and had few animal
and tools. Driven from agriculture the Jews turned to trade the most
popular trades were tailoring, shoe making, joinery, baking and
metalwork. These jobs required considerable strength and little money,
tailors earned 250 to 300 roubles (£25 to 30) and shoe makers 150
roubles a year. These jobs accounted for 60% of Jewish workers.

Reasons stayed the same for immigrants entering Britain after 1905 for
Jews immigrating to Britain were the 1905 aliens act, this was met
with significant opposition like Churchill who was wanted a ‘seat’ in
Manchester where many of the Jewish people settled and it was where
the shipping companies brought Jews over. The act stated that those
without money, a way of supporting themselves or not having a
particular trade could not enter Britain but if the immigrant was
seeking to enter to avoid persecution then they would not be refused
on the above grounds. However the numbers immigrants dropped until 190
this was probably because the immigrants failed to complete paperwork
properly or immigration officials didn’t understand how to enact the
new law. Also Jews returning home with tales of how hard it was to get
into Britain put off other Jews in Russia and Poland. But after 1905
the numbers returned to the 5000 yearly average before 1905. in
general there was support for the act from Jews. It eased overcrowding
and competition for work and dealt with an growing worry that the
Jews, by gathering in one or two places were encouraging comments
about their culture, dress and custom. Although there...

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