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Perception Of Body Size In Patients With Anorexia Nervosa

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Body image disturbance is a core feature of anorexia nervosa. Often people who suffer from anorexia refuse to eat more than is absolutely necessary to maintain a minimal weight for their height. Øverås, M., Kapstad, H., Brunborg, C., Landrø, N. I., and Lask, B. (2014) experiment analyzed body size estimation on perception and memory, in patients with anorexia nervosa by comparing results with a healthy control group. They had a particular interest on how anxiety may have influence on anorexia nervosa patient’s perception of their body image. Øverås et al. suggested patients, who suffer from anorexia nervosa, would overestimate their body size more than the healthy control group. They also ...view middle of the document...

The experiment consisted of three conditions: memory, control and perception. In the first condition, participants had to change a size of picture of themselves that was reflected on the wall to resemble their actual size. This condition was based of their memory of their body size. In the second condition, the participant had to estimate the size of another person’s body. In the last condition, there was a full size mirror placed in front of the participant. They were told to repeat the task but estimate their body image from their perception of the mirror. The dependent measurement is their accuracy of their perception of their body image.
Before the experiment started, the participants were aware that the picture they were changing would be either wider or narrower than actual size. All participants did the three conditions in the same order: memory, control and perception condition. This was to ensure that the perception condition with the mirror would not have an effect on the memory condition. Also, the second condition was the administrator score to clear the participants’ minds between the memory and perception condition. Each condition was repeated twice. The first condition would use a narrower picture and the second condition would use a wider condition. The picture was shown in the same amount of distortion to every participant. The data that was used was a mean result of the two conditions to avoid an anchoring effect. Every participant heard the same standardized instructions before every condition. All participants stood in the same position for their photo. The same administrator was used to ensure that all conditions were the same for every participant.
In this experiment, a mixed between-within subject ANOVA was used to associate the differences between patients versus controls and their results of their body image in each condition. Although, the results, which were found in this study, were that patients overestimated the size of their body more than the controls in both in the memory and perception condition; however, the controls overestimated the administrator's body size significantly more than did the patients. The interaction of body size estimation by the patients versus controls group was statistically significant indicating that the effect of body...

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