"Perception Of The First Year Electronics Engineering Students On The New Program Bs Electronics Engineering.”

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1. Electronics Engineering
Electronic Engineering, noun; a branch of engineering that deals with the design, fabrication, and operation of circuits, electronic devices, and systems. (Dictionary.com)
“Electronics Engineering is a fast progressing profession and the main force in the advancement of information in technology.” (STEPS, 2013). Electronics Engineering or also known as Electronics and Communication Engineering is a 5 year course that focuses on conceptualization, designing, modelling, and improvising of present electronics, and the processes and systems of products that focuses on computer and communications.
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Just as Jackson have said. “A high level of knowledge on the field of Mathematics and Science is needed together with perseverance in order to be successful on the path of being an Electronics Engineer.” (2010). Apart from that an intense amount of knowledge about the subject and perseverance is needed to pass the course. These are the characteristics of an ECE that an ECE student should have.

III. Advances on technology by ECE.
Electronic Engineer graduates are known for their expertise in the field of communication and technology. But these are not the only capabilities and limitaions of Electronic Engineers. They are demanded on different jobs such as the following; Aerospace Industry that’s mainly about space explorations and expeditions to gather information of the vast universe beyond our world. Automotive Industry thatis aboit the different electronic parts of cars, Construction is the creation of tools for the workers ease during creation of houses and skyscrapers, Defense is concerning about the making of weapons and gathering of information for military and government’s disposal. Electronics that is about the gadgets and inventions used to ease people’s lives. Oil and gas is about the gathering and analyzing of chemicals due to ECE’s knowledge of physics. Pharmaceuticals is conducting researches and creating drugs for different kind of illness. Power generation is by the creation of different sources of energy such as hydropower and nuclear power plants. Rail, at Telecoms that’s about the signal processing and analyzing of messages and calls through signal towers.

Electronic Engineers have a big role to play in the field of communication. They are the ones responsible to the analyzing and processing of data passed through the wires. Cellphones are needed in order to receive and send calls. They are also the reason why watching television is possible.
Knowledge in micro technology and its principles is one of the greatest helps of ECE in the industry of technology. They’re also the ones that...

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