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Perceptions Of Marriage In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Perceptions of Marriage in Their Eyes Were Watching God


        For generations marriage has been accepted as a bond between two

people.  However, the ideals involved in marriage differ by the individuals

involved.  The book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston

clearly demonstrates these differences.  In the book a girl by the name

Janie is raised by her grandmother and then married off by her grandmother.

Originally all Janie knows of marriage and love is what her grandmother

tells her.  As Janie moves on in her life and re-marries, she finds that

everybody has their own idea towards the role of their ...view middle of the document...

  In the

beginning it appears to Janie that Logan is a very nice gentleman, who is

constantly treating her well.  However as time goes on, Janie see Logan's

"true colors."  Logan feels that if they are both going to live together

and share their lives then they should do an equal amount of work.  Logan

soon puts Janie to work and treats her more like a mule than a wife.  Logan

didn't want a wife out of marriage; he wanted a pack animal.  Also, love

doesn't seem to be incorporated in Logan's definition of marriage.  As

Janie said "Ah know ‘tain't nothin' dere."  Logan didn't see marriage in

terms of love, he only saw it in terms of free labor.


        After leaving Logan in search of love Janie finds Jody Starks.

Jody Starks is a thriving politician with a hard work ethic.  He says he

loves Janie and even treats her the way a queen should be treated.  Jody

keeps Janie looking prim and proper in the house and store.  Jody truly

believes that women should be seen and not heard.  Jody believes that in a

marriage that the man is boss and the wife should listen to him.  He is a

true politician; on the outside he appears kind and gentle but from within

he is corrupt.  Janie still can't find love and continues her search.


        The final person that Janie attempts to find love in is Tea Cake

Woods.  Tea Cake comes in a rescues Janie from her misery after the death

of Jody.  It is here that Janie finally finds what true love is.  Tea

Cake's idea of marriage is a mutual relationship where he would prefer to

support Janie.  However when times are...

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