Performance Issues Essay

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HR Performance Issues and Motivation
Vada Taborn
BUS610: Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Martin McDermott
Date: December 22, 2014

HR Performance Issues and Motivation
It is common for motivation to be used in the workplace in order for goals to be reached by employees. In the workplace, it is absolutely necessary that both management and employees are able to concentrate on their work. There are many things that can motivate someone into acting or behaving a certain way. A person’s productivity can be determined by the motivation that they receive not only from their work environment but also from outside influences. Money is not the only influence that can motivate an employee. ...view middle of the document...

Abraham Maslow’s motivation theory is one of the most used theories today. Maslow's hierarchy of needs says that a person's behavior will be dominated by those needs which have the greatest influence (“Motivational approaches”, 2008). This theory, which is known as the hierarchy of needs, divides people’s needs into different levels. According to this theory, there are five levels of needs that a person requires. “The needs include psychological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization needs” (Motivational approaches, 2008). “Physiological needs are needs such as food, water, and sleep. Safety needs are needs such as shelter and protection from danger. Social needs refer to the need to be part of a group and also to the need to love and be loved by people. Esteem needs concern the need to feel good about oneself, one's abilities and characteristics. At the top of Maslow's hierarchy of motivators is self-actualization, which is the process of fulfilling one's potential” (Gordon Rouse, 2004). The motivation theory emphasizes that the needs that appear first in the hierarchy must be met before meeting others. The needs in Maslow’s theory are termed as motivations for achievement of a particular goal. The lack of achieving the lower needs in the hierarchy may hinder motivation for the achievement of the higher needs in the hierarchy.
Family issues would fall under the social needs under Maslow’s theory. A conflict at home may cause an employee to focus on the personal problem first before focusing on the work. That person’s mind will be clouded by the unsatisfied psychological need. This could result in a lack of motivation for the work and lead to poor work performance. A peaceful home life may not only satisfy the employee’s psychological needs, but could make sure that the safety needs of the employee are met also. These safety needs may not include the physical safety needs, but mainly the safety from emotional harm.
An employee’s esteem needs are made by recognition for achievement and are always preceded by the social, safety, and psychological needs. Motivation in the workplace usually comes from the need for high esteem. The need for esteem will cause an employee to deliver the desired results of productivity that an employer wants. An employee’s performance in the workplace also depends on their need for esteem. Once the lower needs in the hierarchy have been met, an employee will be motivated to deliver the desired goals. People whose primary needs have not been met will not be motivated in their work. When all other lower needs have been met, an employee will be able and willing to achieve high performance at work. A person whose lower needs have been met will look for recognition and achievement at work. This recognition will come through high performance and hard work. The fulfillment of lower needs will create a high self-esteem within an individual. The high esteem will in turn create a high motivation for work, which can...

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