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Performance Management Essay

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Diploma in Management & Leadership - Performance Management

Executive summary

Performance management has many definitions and concepts regarding it.
Managers and employees trade information in meeting and appraisal systems talking over agreed personal development and i with the aim of increasing the performance of an individual or team and the overall effectiveness of the organisation in achieving company objectives and mission.
XXXX is a results driven organisation with a mission of “success for our students” the only way to evaluate performance against the statement is by measuring the success of each student. If targets are not meet funding is lost and the college ...view middle of the document...

Belbin team role theory, suggests that given the knowledge and abilities of individual team members, success or failure can be predicted within certain limits. As a result unsuccessful teams can be improved by analysing there shortcomings and making changes. It is also important to understand the roles that others play, when and how to let another team member to take ownership. If each team member is successfully achieving their individual objectives and a high level of communication and understanding within the team is maintained then team objectives will also become achievable, team objectives are generally set in team meetings by the line manager, however the team has an on-going objective which is to provide consistent, accessible, high quality advice, support and facilities to all staff and students. This links to the organisations overall all objective which is “success for our students” The individual and the team can achieve this objective by understanding organisational Alignment. James W Smither (2009 pg 46) suggests that alignment has 3 major inputs Goals and Values, Brand and Customer see appendix 1. These categories link to the individual who must understand the importance of their role within the organisation and also their own accountability. These fall into the Goal category. The brand category links to the organisations beliefs or mission statement and the Individual must be able to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations this falls into the Customer category. A study of Australian apparel firm (Kantabutra, 2007) found that organisational alignment was a clear factor in driving customer and employee satisfaction. Communication of the vision coupled with employee empowerment were important factors in creating employee satisfaction and a direct correlate of customer satisfaction.
In one of the team meetings support of the organisations outstations was discussed and evaluated. The support across the outstations was unbalanced the current policy suggested that support would be provide when requested, this policy suffices with all small outstations but fails to maintain the organisations mission statement as support is not consistent across the organisation thus neglecting the team responsibility to provide consistent support and advice to all learners. The team discussed ways to improve the support. The manager suggested that Individuals (1st line helpdesk) would be based at the outstation on a weekly basis; the rota will be controlled by the 2nd line technician with support being provided by other members of the team if and when required. This gives each team member responsibility and accountability of their actions also understanding that although being at the main campus the team is there to support them at all times, above all maintaining the objectives of all parties including the organisations mission statement.
Within the organisation the manager is the head of a team who for the most part have been put...

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