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Performance Management For Landslide Limousines Essay

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Memo: Landslide Limousines Performance Management Plan

Amy Harris

Human Resource Management/531

April 25, 2016

Susan Freer

Atwood and Allen Consulting


To: Bradley Stonefield
From: Amy E. Harris
CC: Traci Goldeman
Date: 25-April-2016
Re: Landslide Limousines Performance Management Plan

The Performance Management Plan for Landslide Limousines should reflect the focus of providing first-class transportation. While providing first-class transportation, first-class customer service is also part of the performance management plan for all twenty-five employees. With an expected annual revenue of $50,000 and revenue growth of 5% per year as a goal meeting clients, ...view middle of the document...

This success will come with measurable performance targets and appraisals followed by performance feedback. Because of feedback employee capability will grow and commitment will increase from the attainment of rewards and recognition that will retain employees interest in Landslide Limousines (Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, 2016). Landslide Limousines needs to define performance, facilitate Performance and encourage Performance to reach desired goals (Cascio, 2013).
Organizational performance philosophy for Landslide Limousines
Landslide Limousines is a service oriented company with a goal of providing first-class transportation. To be competitive in Austin, Texas specific procedures and behaviors of employees are expected to create a positive experience. Therefore, a Behavioral Checklist would be beneficial for employee training and evaluation. A Behavioral Checklist would include a list of criteria for employees to fulfill to not only be a successful employee but create an enjoyable experience for customers. Checklists should identify key goals for Landslide Limousine. They should include measurable expectations for safety, professionalism, quality, punctuality and overall customer satisfaction and any other performance objectives that meet the company’s business strategy.
The job analysis process you will complete identifying the skills needed by employees
A good job description is “a good business investment because it can be used to support most HR functions: recruitment, selection, orientation, training, work plans, compensation, performance reviews and legal defense” (Service Canada, 2016). Job descriptions explain responsibilities of employees to meet employer expectation. To write valid job descriptions consider other limousine companies. Gather information about employee policies, performance ratings, and reviews written by customers on company websites maybe even employ some of their services. Use this information to help you understand the job description, identify performance behaviors and essential competencies you want your employees to perform. Make sure you know how it looks when a driver is doing an excellent, inadequate or unsatisfactory job. Identify characteristics desired for ideal performance levels, not minimum standards, but targets that great employees meet most of the time. After establishing targets, decide what experience, education, and training are required to complete competencies. Once the job analysis process is complete, it is time to review and finalize job descriptions and skills. Address the following questions:
What are the most critical competencies, abilities and knowledge skills?
Will these Competencies help identify differences in performance?
Do behavioral skills define the job description of a high performing employee? (Service Canada, 2016).
Once these questions are satisfied job descriptions and competencies expectations are complete and ready to be utilized.

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