Performing Art Essay

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BTEC First Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting)
Assignment Brief

Assignment Title: 1.1 Devised Monologue

Unit: A9: Acting Date Set: 19 September 2005

Completion Date: 7 October 2005 Feedback Date: 21 October 2005

Assessor: P. Daintry Internal Verifier: S. Bretterecker

Vocational Context

You are a member of a theatre company that has been commissioned to produce an evening of monologue performances. The first part of the production will be made up of devised monologues. In this assignment you will participate in a series of teacher-led practical workshops exploring acting skills. You will then apply these skills to the creation and performance of a ...view middle of the document...

|To achieve a Pass you must |
|Take part in vocal exercises and show some improvement in the use of vocal techniques (P1) |
|Take part in movement exercises and show some improvement in body control (P3) |
|To achieve a Merit you must |
|Take part in movement exercises and show some marked improvement in body control (M3) |
|To achieve a Distinction you must |
|Take part in movement exercises and show complete body control (D3) |
| | |

|Task Two: The Devised Monologue |Evidence |
|Use picture stimuli to create a character which will then be explored through various solo and group |Video of rehearsals and performance |
|settings and situations using the vocal and movement skills developed in Task One. |Actor’s log and self-assessment |
|Develop a monologue for the character from teacher-led exercises. |Peer assessment |
|Use hot-seating to demonstrate the depth of development of your character – this will take place in the |Teacher observation |
|second week of the assignment. | |
|Perform the monologue to an audience - this will take place at the end of the third week of the assignment. | |
| |
|You will be assessed for Task Two using Grading Criteria 1: vocal exercises, 2: vocal skills, 4: movement skills and 6: develop a character. |
|To achieve a Pass you must |
|Use vocal skills in a way that is appropriate to the role with some technical...

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