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Peril Love 2

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[Eugene's PoV]

I'm here at my office waiting for Izelle's message to come, the woman that I have loved for four years and counting. It's been a week that we haven't met since I have a given a special mission by my dad, and that is to find my long lost brother that is assumed to be kidnapped when we were at young ages.

I've heard several footsteps towards me and as I lifted up my face, t'was dad. "Kamusta ang ipinapagawa ko sayo?" he asked while roaming around my office and decided to sit at the opposite chair to me.

I sat and faced him. "My private investigators doesn't have any lead yet, dad."

He sighed deeply. "Ganun ba?" he asked.


He began ...view middle of the document...


I smiled as soon as I saw her waiting for me patiently while searching. She's always texting me what direction am I going to pop-out for her to caught me.

Talking about childish act of her. Nilapitan ko naman siya ng dahan-dahan at tinakpan ang kanyang mga mata.

She faced me. "Kailan pa kaya kita mahuhuli?" while her lips are forming to lip out.

I pinched her cheek softly. "You don't have to caught me," I pause and hugged her tightly "since I am already prisoned by you." and I smiled. Corny yet sweet. Sa kanya lang naman ako ganito.

"Nakakainis ka." she said and gave me a light spank on my back and began to response my hug. "I missed you so much, Euge."

"I miss you too, Izelle." humiwalay na ako sa yakap pero hinawakan ko siya sa kanyang magkabilang balikat. "Where do you want to go?" I asked.

She stopped and acted like she was really in her deep thoughts by pointing her temple.

I find it cute, actually. I really wanna kiss her when she's acting cute. "Sa mall na lang kaya tayo? Sa may Timezone." she excitedly suggested and seeing her eyes sparkling.

I smiled at her and began to walk with her towards.



I'm here with Izelle at Timezone wherein she was too busy playing the catcher they are talking about while I am watching her with crossed arms.

"Nakakainis naman ito!" she said in a pissed tone when the bear did not fell on the hole.

"Is that what you want?" I asked.

She nodded as an answer and faced me with her lips pouting at me. I can't resist that charm of her. Feels like I wanna bite her lips. "Okay." I deeply sighed and made her to face the catcher and insert two tokens to the machine.

For how many minutes passed and we successfully get the stuffed toy she wanted. "Yay!" she screamed in a low tone for not to attract the others attention and hugged me so tightly. "Thank you!" she kissed me on my left cheek and gets the stuffed toy and began to hug it.

Napapangiti ako sa nakikita ko ng biglang tumunog ang cellphone ko. "Wait." I said to her and she nodded. "Bry, bakit?"

("Pare nasaan ka?") asked from the other line.

"Mall pare. Bakit?"

I heard a loud crash from the other line. ("Sinugod tayo ng grupo ng Bigbang pare. Punta ka dito. Back-up!") end call.

Hindi pa din pala tumitigil ang grupo nila. "Sino yun?" Izelle asked as I put my cell on my pocket.

"Si Bry."

"Bakit daw?"

"Nothing much to worry. Where else do you want to go?"

She smiled at me slyly. "Kung importante yun, sige na. Uuwi na ako. Madami pa namang araw para magkasama pa tayo." she said as she rub her finger to my cheek.

It gave me a smile and I sighed deeply. "Halika na. Ihahatid na kita." I said and hold her hand and began to walk.


Naabutan ko naman sina Yuri at Bry na nakikipaglaban sa mga natitirang bata bata ng Bigbang. Sa nakikita ko, wala dito ang limang leader nila.

May lalaking tumayo at napansin akong papasok kaya nilapitan niya ako at aakamang susuntukin ako pero mabilis ko naman itong...

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