Persistent And Potential Problems Preventing Essay

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Persistent and Potential Problems Preventing EFL Reading Comprehension of Saudi University Students


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The clearest example of this phenomenon is the acquisition of English Language, which has become a necessity for people across the globe in order to communicate with each other. This is because the English Language has become an international language and Lingua Franca which means a language which serves as a vehicular language, or a working language. Lingua Franca helps people with different mother tongues to communicate with each other.
The English Language enjoys a very significant status in the world being the international language of communication, however, the importance of another language can never be undermined or underestimated as every language hold a great value within itself and speakers of every language have a profound love for their native languages which renders a greater significance to any given language.
When pupils, whose native language is not English, embark on learning English as a foreign language, it becomes a challenge for them to acquire a command over the second language. This study will analyze the persistent and potential problems that are faced by Saudi Arabian university students while reading English as a foreign language.

Background of the Study
Over the years, research has proven that Saudi Arabian students face considerable trouble in reading and comprehension of English text. This acts a hindrance for them to remain abreast with the rest of the world in this age of globalization. The foremost thing to be considered is that when assessing the process of reading from the reader’s point of view should be the interest of the student in reading. It is commonly observed in EFL classrooms that teachers feel that the difficulty in linguistics in the supplementary material has less influence on the level of comprehension instead of relevance.
By relevancy of the text, it is meant that the text which is related to the interests of the students, and which deals with the ideas of the circumstances that children and adolescents perceive as significant and meaningful to them in the EFL classroom setting. Interests are closely tied to the whole area of purpose as well as motivation for the process of reading (Klingner, Vaughn & Boardman, 2007)
It happens oftentimes that the traditional and structured exercises present in EFL reading material trivialize the purposive expression of reading. This is done by demanding from the students to seek or remember a great number of small items of information which simply present the narrow teaching absorptions of the writer of the material. For instance, concentrate on the troublesome points or to tap the chance for studies of vocabulary.
These types of exercises are not founded on any purposes an intelligent reader may in reality have in their reading passages outside the classroom. Outside of the classroom, the students might read their L2 text to practice their language skills or just for the purpose of pleasure, but more often for the acquisition of...

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