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Person Centred Nvq3 Essay

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Understand person-centred approaches in adult care settings.
level 3
1.Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care.

1.1 Describe person-centred approaches.

All person centred approaches for every person we support as care professionals, should have eight values, and these are: 1. INDIVIDUALITY – realising and understanding the uniqueness of every person I support. 2. RIGHTS – always endeavouring to make sure all the rights of those I support are upheld e.g. Human Rights Act. 3. CHOICE – endeavouring to maintain the service user’s rights to choice. As well as maintaining their choices and making sure these choices are upheld in their care plans. 4. PRIVACY – maintaining ...view middle of the document...

Understand how to implement a person-centred approach in an adult social care setting.

2.1 Explain how finding out the history,preferences,wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan.
It is important to find out someone’s history when preparing their care plan as it affects them.
For instance, a person may have been abused and may need extra support to allow them cope.
Or they may have been around at a time that may have changed their views and how they see
things or people. e.g. a ww2 veteran may see everyone from orient as Japanese, when, they
may not be Japanese at all .
Another reason to find out someone's history can concern the area of trips and fall. If the
persons history shows they suffer from it then the right equipment and help can be put into
place to ensure they are helped as best as possible to live in their own home.
Its important to find out peoples preferences as the individual is, an individual. Their choices
and taste will vary from another individual and may not like what someone else likes. For
instance client a likes horse radish sandwiches, while client b don't like, or may be allergic to
it. By sitting down and speaking with an individual about their preferences.
Wishes and needs:
it is very important to know peoples wishes and needs. Knowing what they want can be of
benefit and helps with end of life planning. For instance, if its a female client, she may express
her wish to have a female care as she would feel more comfortable and able to freely get on
with a morning and evening routine than having a male carer.
It puts the individual at the centre of their care.

2.2 Describe ways to put person-centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation.
Seeing situations from the individual's point of view, listening to them and helping them to deal with them in the way that they want. For example a doctor wants to explain a complex course of treatment to an individual. Without person centred values the doctor and you would do it in the way that you thought best for the individual. With person centred values you make sure that he provides the time the individual wants and needs to take it in and ask any questions they have, that the information is provided in the form that the individual wants ie verbal, written, to them only so that they can inform others, to you/others so that you/they can be involved, that the individual has the opportunity to disagree with anything they hear etc.

2.3 Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person-centred values.
Care plans are the primary source of service user information. We can make individual plans and requirements to suit the specific needs of an individual. The better the care plan the easier it becomes for us to assist a service user in their own way without getting into a mess from not understanding the care plans.When applying person centred values it ensures that care and services focus on...

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