Personal And Professional Development Essay

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Unit M & L 9- Manage Personal and Professional Development
Personal Statement
Annual Appraisal

Appraisals is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. Appraisals are as much for the employee as that of the employers benefit.
The appraisal format and structure process depends on the nature of the business, however the basis process should consist of the employee having the opportunity to have a 1:1 with their line manager, and that a form is used as a tool to guide and document the discussion. At NWN Media appraisals are recommended to be conducted annually and depending on your role, one of the two standard template forms are to be used. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore non-performance factors may form part of the appraisal process. Manager should try and base appraisals on data-supported, measureable behaviours and results within the performer’s control.
Some employee’s may have negative perceptions of the appraisal process. This can cause tension between the employee and manager.
Potential legal issues if the appraisal is not conducted appropriately.
Performance goals need to be challenging but achievable. If this is not the case then this could lead to demotivation and long term affects for achieving realistic goals.
As a manager, I am fortunate to experience both sides of the appraisal process and have been part of appraisal training conducted as part of in house training for new managers. This gave me a more in-depth insight of what benefits the appraisal process can give to the employee and manager. For this reason, I have always been proactive in regards to what I can, as an employee, gain from my annual appraisal and use to develop my skills and abilities. I appreciate that the appraisal should consist of 70% of the talking should be done by the employee and that managers should aid this by asking open questions.
Prior to my appraisal a self-appraisal form is requested to be filled and brought to the appraisal meeting to discuss. As you can see from the latest self-appraisal (evidence 10799), I was capable of evaluating my own performance over the period of 12 months and identified areas in which would initiate a discussion between my manager and myself to help address areas of concern or challenges and also to promote my achievements above and beyond my job specification.
During my appraisal we revisit my job description and person specification to ensure that any amendments to the role are documented. Additional to this a Skills Audit sheet is updated with competences required for the role and any additional training requirements to ensure that skills and abilities are met.
The main body of the appraisal (evidence...

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