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Personal And Professional Health Care Communication

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication
Tara Clark
HCS 350
October 7, 2013
Penny Horper

Personal and Professional Health Care Communication
Today’s environment of healthcare is both specialized and clinical. Health care communication is a vital component of health care for every patient. Because nurses have a greater responsibility, interaction with patient’s and families can often be hurried, leaving them feeling like they have many unanswered questions. Communication or therapeutic communication as defined by Ruesch (1961) in health care is “an interactive dynamic process entered into by nurse and client for the purpose of achieving identified ...view middle of the document...

By doing so this will influence outcomes for the patients. Additionally effective initial communication with the family sets the tone for the relationship. It is vital to listen carefully to family expectations and general concerns. Involving family in your initial assessment will enhance the therapeutic relationship and allow you as the nurse to identify family’s cultural identity, values, level of family involvement, and behaviors and it relates to the health care of the patient.
Health Care Communication and Outcomes
Effective communication is relevant to outcomes because it can influence anxiety, devotion to treatments, improved coping mechanisms, adapting to hospitalization care, patient satisfaction with care and even peaceful end of life care. Empowering the patient by providing tools, resources, and education will help the patient build skills to reach their health goal and improve their outcome. Nurses have the greatest opportunity to have a positive affect on health status and healing, by conveying a sense of truly caring about your patients wellbeing through compassion and concern.
Trust provides a nonthreatening interpersonal environment and allows the patient to reveal needs allowing you to make an accurate assessment of your patients needs. This establishes a working relationship that helps improve the patient’s outcome also. Additionally involving the family in the care of the patient and providing interventions that help strengthen family functioning, and supporting family coping during the patients hospitalization will help both the patient and family by being more apt to follow through. Ultimately health and wellness is what you are trying to get across and the patient is trying to achieve.
Lack of Communication Contributes to Poor Outcomes
There are many barriers to effective therapeutic communication in the health care setting, both personal and professional. Included in this category are anxiety, language, education, gender, lack of trust, and lack of caring. Additionally no family involvement and communication conflicts with other health professionals can leave patients feeling rejected, being non-compliant, dissatisfied, feeling unsupported, considering a lawsuit, increased anxiety, self-doubt, and a sense of helplessness all-contributing to potential poor outcomes.
Anxiety on the part of the patient or the nurse impairs the therapeutic relationship. To achieve positive outcomes and greater mutuality anxiety must be kept to a bare minimum or eliminated entirely. It is important to remember to keep the patients educational level in mind and speak with a real caring concern using simple, clear-cut words. Mistrust not only affects communication but the healing process as well. A nurse can promote trust with the patient by following through on commitments, being open, honest, show caring, show respect, and use active listening. It is important to remember trust goes both ways, when patients test the...

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