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Personal Branding Essay

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Personal Branding Plan
Josh Barnett
April 21, 2015
Wendy Bullock

Personal Branding Plan
Work ethic, reliability, and results.  These are three of the important character traits that I feel separate me from other candidates when it comes to competing for a job.  The time that I spent in the military is what I credit a large part of my work ethic to.  From Day one in the military you are required to do everything to the best of your ability and to continue to do so until the task is completed.  Even as a child, I was told that that if I say am going to do something or be somewhere, then I am to keep my word and follow through with every commitment.  Once again the military ...view middle of the document...

 The next best thing I can think of would be to work for my favorite NBA franchise and my hometown team, the Phoenix Suns.  I do have an extensive knowledge of what it takes to become a good enough basketball player to make it to the NBA.  I have always had an ability to notice the potential for a player and have done a pretty good job at predicting why they will succeed or why they will fail.  I also happen to have a connection with the organization through my Sister-in-law who was a former employee and worked for the promotions department and has several remaining relationships to the organization.  With her connections and references based on her referral I will be able to get a stronger opportunity than most would initially.  Of course it is ultimately up to me to convince the organization that I would be a valuable asset for them.
My next choice of companies that would love to work for would be for a company like Lockheed Martin’s military division.  My job in the military was as an aerospace maintenance journeyman on the C-130 cargo aircraft, or better known as a C-130 crew chief.  Lockheed has been an industry leader in military aircraft and aircraft parts, so with my extensive experience and my fondness of all things military related combine to make working for Lockheed a dream come true.  The best method for contacting Lockheed is to look at the job postings that are available through their website, and even more specifically, through the military careers section of the website (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2015).
The third job that I would have to consider a dream job would have to be to own my own company.  I have had an idea that I came up with about 3 years ago and it is something that I could definitely see myself being...

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