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Reflection of leadership Competencies of .
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1. Reflection – page 3
2.1. What are the principles of reflection?- Page 3
2.2. What is the relevance of reflection to me?- Page 4

2. Performance Competencies -Page 4
2.1 Communicates Clearly Competency -Page 5
2.2 Builds and Leverages Talent Competency- Page 5
2.3 Leads Change and Innovation Competency- Page 6
3. Reflecting Benefits- Page 7
Referencing – page 8
Appendix– page 9
Bibliography – page 10

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2.1 What are the principles of reflection?
There are a number of models available explaining the reflection process, shown here Gibbs (1988) model of the reflective cycle showing six stages of reflection,

These principles of reflection are used to review and analyse your performance in a task, how it went, how you felt about it, and what could have been done better. By analysing the experience we are then able to gain a better understanding and with this insight we can generate an action plan for making improvements in the process and our own performance to better plan and achieve the desired results. Reflection is a means of gaining a deeper understanding to help you make better decisions and exercise more control over the outcome of events (Cottrell 2010).I have used this process during the completion of the MDP books and the degree programme and by using these principles of reflection I have been able to form conclusions which have assisted in making changes to my own performance and how I influence others and complete tasks.
1.2 What is the relevance of reflection to me?
Cottrell (2010) suggests we look at the relevance of reflection so that we can make effective use of the process. By completing one of the exercises in Cottrell’s’ books I have identified some of the relevant and beneficial elements of reflection, the ones I felt most relevant to me were, I want to make sense of what I am learning and how it all fits together, I will use the reflection process to gain a wider perspective and learn how to be more mindful of how I do things that influence others and results. I also want to be more efficient and able to apply theories better and I felt for me the most important aspect was, being able to see how I can do things differently in the future. The degree programme has made me take a wider approach and a more regular critical review of results and reflect on my involvement in the systems and the restaurants operations.
2. Performance Competencies.
The competencies that are used in the management performance development process are;
* Achieves through team work
* Builds and leverages talent
* Communicates effectively
* Leads change and innovation
* Leads through Influence
* Plan and acts strategically
* Puts the customer first.
The three competencies that I identified from my performance review and by completing a self assessment see appendix 3 are, communicate effectively, build and leverages talent and lead’s change and innovation. Although in my last review I had some positive feedback from my manager I felt these were the three areas that I needed improving for my own development and to push the business forward. For the full review and feedback on these competencies see appendix 4 for my IPP from the midyear review in 2012. I selected these competencies because when looking at the expected behaviours, see appendix 5 for descriptions I felt that I do not do or have not behaved in a way that...

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