Personal Development Plan Essay

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(A) Professional Skills Current level Best current example Ways to improve


Report Writing


Verbal Communication

I have created several written reports for my previous employers like ING and other companies. These includes Purchase Report, Sales Report, Business Plan Report, Performance Review Report, Market Analysis Report etc.,

Day to Day Communication with Colleagues, Seniors and subordinates li
• Practice report writing in class through assignments issued for DMS Course.
• Receive feedback from lecturers and implement their suggestions.
• Review class colleagues report writing style and adopt best-practice
• Read a ‘Report-Writing’ ...view middle of the document...

Read ‘leadership & chairing meeting’ books and implement appropriate ideas

A4 Delivering Effective Presentation 4 I have been taking presentation for many instance like presenting Sale Plan, Purchase Plan, Performance Analysis, Training, Career Opportunities with MLM co, Meetings etc. Recently I gave presentation in class on 30/10/09, 5/11/09 and 16/11/09. 1. Attend lectures in class relevant to Presentations Skills.
2. Preparing and presenting in class when opportunities arise.
3. Observe others presenting and learn from good and bad technique.
4. Receive feedback from lecturers and implement their suggestions
5. Understand theories behind good presentation technique by watching leading business people on You Tube and/or private reading
(B) Personal Skills Current level Best current example Ways to improve
B1 Time Management
4 I do manage time effectively. I have submitted assignment on-time for other subject of first term. I have also managed my task in stipulated time. 1. Attend lectures in class relevant to Time management 2. Receive feedback from lecturers and implement their suggestions
3. Understand theories behind Time management
4. Read books and implement appropriate ideas
B2 Objective Setting 4 I have...

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