Personal Ethical Statement Essay

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Personal Ethical Statement
By being in the Air Force, I lived by our core values of "Integrity, Service before Self, and Excellent in all we do" (1997 ). I thought that by living my life to those standards was all that I need it to make good decisions. I was very surprised with the results of the ethical lens exercise. By doing the ethical lens exercise, I was able to know my preferred ethical lens, blind spots, strengths and weaknesses.
According to the ethical lens inventory, my preferred ethical lens is the Rights/Responsibilities Lens. This lens identifies individual duties as well as their rights. The Rights/Responsibilities Lens looks at the reason for acting towards a situation and how clearly my duties can be defined(University of Phoenix, 2012). With the example Mark with the computer plagiarism, ...view middle of the document...

One of the blind spots that I have is that I tend to only look at ethical issues with only one lens, the Rights/Responsibilities Lens. I was not aware of the other three lens; Results, Relationships, and Reputation(University of Phoenix, 2012). By only using only one lens, I was making decisions with my heart and not being a rational thinker when it came to ethical issues. The use of the different lens allows me to look at a particular situation with different viewpoints. Being unable to identify all the stakeholders was another blind spot for me. In dilemmas, there may be more than one or two individuals that may be impacted or affected due to the course of action I per take in resolving a dilemma.
The weakness that I exhibit is not knowing that there are other decision-making strategies at my disposal. Limiting by decision-making with just one-lens causes me to be only one side with my decision process. I have to make sure I understand everyone basic liberties
The ethical exercise stated, "On a scale of 0 to 5, from low to high risk, your decision rates a 1. It represents very low risk"(University of Phoenix, 2012). That was a strength that I did not know that I had until completing the examples.
The Ethical Lens helped me understand that are different approaches in handling different dilemmas. By using the entire ethical lens together, I will be able to identify that students may have different priorities or values and elevate any ethical tension between other students and myself. This exercise related the idea that I have to make sure have a good action plan on how to hand a potential ethical issue.

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