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Personal Ethics Statement Essay

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Personal Ethics Statement

Personal Ethics Statement,
My personal ethics statement will include my personal values and ideals important to me as a student and in everyday life. My ethics and personal belief are my morals that reflect and define the person that I am today. The decision and everyday choices that I make on a daily basis should be consistent with my integrity and respect towards others. If I follow these ethics then I will keep my happiness and hold peace with others if I keep to these values.
I believe in the equality of all people, religion, race, and regardless of any handicaps and ensure that people be treated fairly. When I treat people as well as others with respect and dignity while holding me accountable to the principals that I keep will ensure that I treat others, as I want to be treated (the golden rule). My preferred ethical lens is the Rights lens-responsibility and results lens, ...view middle of the document...

What personal ethics means to me is how you carry yourself in your community and how you are a role model to your kids, others, as well as yourself. Personal ethics are the values you live your life by, or what you consider right or wrong. I also believe they include what you believe honesty to be, what lies are acceptable to tell or be told, and what defines hard work for you as an individual. Ethics are a personal set of principles that conduct right and wrong. This is and can be based in religious beliefs, based on a fear of the law and its consequences or just behavior. What is ethical for one person may not be the same for someone else. Someone who is ethical may or may not be religious but have a high ethical standard (a feeling of right or wrong) but that does not mean that you have to have a religious belief to be ethical. This is what I believe that ethics are to me and how I was raised has a big part of what I believe them to be.
The values that I set for myself are high and I expect nothing less from myself in my lifetime. If I follow these values that I have established then I will make good decisions in life and not have bad resultant behaviors as result of bad ethical values. The way you act out is mainly because how you are raised and what your values and ethical outlook in life is. Bad ethical values are a result of resultant behavior.
How personal ethics might determine a course of action in a situation is how you handle it with what your personal beliefs of ethics are. Like if, you are faced with a choice of to take something that is not yours and know it is not ethical to do but also wrong, so it depends on what your ethics you believe to be are how you handle the situation. It could also be if you were in a conversation and you do not have the same beliefs or agreements to the other peoples in the conversation how you handle it and how you come to a median in the situation. I think that it all has to do with the situation at hand and how you were raised to handle the adversities in life and how to conduct yourself in these situations.

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