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Graded Assignment
Assignment Questions: Banking
Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary.
Total score: ____ of 21 points
(Score for Question 1: ___ of 5 points)
Visit the website of a large national bank, regional bank, or credit union, and use the information you find there to answer the questions below. EXAMPLE: Some large banks you might consider include Bank of America®, JPMorgan Chase®, Wells Fargo®, Citibank®, and U.S. Bank®.
What is the name of the bank or credit union? (0.5 point)
List three facts about savings account options at the bank or credit union you chose. (3 sentences. 1.0 point)
List three facts about checking account options at the bank or credit union you chose. (3 sentences. 1.0 point)
Does this bank or credit union offer online banking? (0.5 point)
Would you be likely to choose this as your bank or credit ...view middle of the document...

(1-3 sentences. 1.0 point)
(c) Which of the two banks or credit unions that you researched would you be most likely to choose to open an account with? Why? (2-4 sentences. 2.5 points)
Type your answer here.
(Score for Question 3: ___ of 1 point)
What type of bank risk would worry you the most as an account holder? How should the bank protect itself against that risk? (2-4 sentences)
* Answer:
Type your answer here.
(Score for Question 4: ___ of 1 point)
If you had a bank account, which two methods of completing transactions do you think you would use most frequently? Why? (2-4 sentences)
* Answer:
Type your answer here.
(Score for Question 5: ___ of 5 points)
In your Section_3 folder, navigate to and open the Example_Check_Register and Example_Bank_Statement, and then answer the questions below.
(a) According to the bank statement, how many checks were written from this account during the statement period? (0.5 point)
(b) There are two differences between the bank statement and the check register. Describe each of them. (2-4 sentences. 1.0 point) TIP: These are transactions that Jessie Robinson forgot to write down in the check register.
(c) Do you think it is best to keep track of finances using a check register, a bank statement, or both? Why? (2-4 sentences. 1.0 point)
(d) List at least two non-discretionary expenses listed on the bank statement or check register. (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
(e) List at least one discretionary expense listed on the bank statement or check register. (1-2 sentences. 0.5 point)
(f) Describe at least one challenge of keeping a check register. (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
Type your answer here.
Score for Question 6: ___ of 5 points)
Give a brief explanation of each type of financial institution listed below.
(a) Bank (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
(b) Mortgage company (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
(c) Credit union (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
(d) Brokerage firm (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
(e) Finance company (1-2 sentences. 1.0 point)
Type your answer here.

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