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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was a warning about the unintended consequences of man’s ambition. Almost two centuries later, man has yet to learn his lesson. Victor Frankenstein aspired to be remembered as a great pioneer. He disregarded the moral implications and consequences of creating life from the dead. As a result, he did not foresee the monstrosity of his creature; Frankenstein did not consider what he would actually do with the creature after animation. Today, scientists and engineers are having the same problem with technology. This is the age of information; researchers are working hard to take the existing technology to the next level. The problem is that people are often blinded by ...view middle of the document...

The agency has claimed that its success can be seen in how there has not been another large scale terrorist attack. However, the confidential files that were leaked only provided evidence for four (out of fifty-four claimed) instances in which the NSA stopped a terrorist attack using collected data. In the same way that the monster Frankenstein created caused his misery and death, the American people trusted their government to protect them from foreign attack, but Americans have become the agency’s targets (163; Macaskill).
The NSA, like Dr. Frankenstein, acknowledges that it has done wrong but it does not accept the responsibility nor blame for its actions. Frankenstein grieved the deaths of his loved ones continuously. Frankenstein explains to Walton, “Never will I give up my search…and then…I shall join my Elizabeth and departed friends, who even now prepare for me the reward of my tedious toil and horrible pilgrimage! (Shelley 152). He never accepts the fault for indirectly killing his loved ones; Frankenstein thinks he will be rewarded when the deaths could have been avoided if he would have taken responsibility from the beginning. Furthermore, the NSA finds encryption suspect; if someone has something to hide, then he/she must be guilty of something. It is reasonable to suspect a person who has everything on their hard drive encrypted. However, the agency decrypts and collects every bit of information it can. For example, the Obamacare website encrypts clients’ social security numbers; the NSA decrypts this information and stores it. Chris Soghoian, a principal technologist of the ACLU, explained that there are two types of surveillance, targeted and general; since the NSA uses general surveillance, it can easily hack into a person’s computer and life. Furthermore, the problem is not just that the agency is violating citizens’ rights by collecting personal information, recording phone calls, viewing emails, and so on. Snowden was not the first person to hack the NSA; it is easy for the NSA to collect information from other sources, but it seems that it is also easy for others to collect information from the NSA. It would be catastrophic and ironic if a terrorist group stole Americans’ personal information from the NSA. The agency continues to horde information although it is violating Americans rights and possibly endangering the nation even more (Macaskill).
Since the agency does not take responsibility for its actions, it looks for others to blame, just as Frankenstein let Justine Moritz be his scapegoat. Victor Frankenstein urgently returned home on hearing that his little brother, William, was murdered; William was choked to death. Frankenstein realized that the monster did it, but he did not say anything because he assumed no one would believe him. His silence also derived from self-preservation because Frankenstein did not want to admit that he had fault in creating and abandoning his creation. Frankenstein let Justine be accused,...

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