Personal Leadership Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Personal Leadership Strength and Weakness Analysis
Leadership (SAT2) – Task 2, Part D
Course Mentor: Dwane Thomas
September 5, 2012
D-1. Strengths
One of the strengths that were reiterated more than once during my peer evaluation was the fact that I was able to communicate well. As the facilitator of my group, I was given feedback stating that I communicated “effectively,” had “meaningful ideas” and facilitated the group with a “great sense of direction.” I believe my strength of being able to communicate well with my team members is an asset that I can possess within a working environment.
Communication is a strong suite because it allows a person to not only understand situations, but also keep others aware as well. Within our group setting, by sending out a group email on a weekly basis to make the team aware of where we stand and what we have to do next, I was able to not only ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, having the ability to properly and effectively communicate is a skill set that can be utilized in many areas of the work atmosphere, especially when working with other team members in order to keep focused on goals and keeping everyone on the same page.
D-2. Weaknesses
One weakness that I can improve upon in the workplace would be to stay consistent with my role within a group or working environment even if other team members are lacking in their role. Sometimes it is easy to start of strong within a role, but when there is a lack of the same amount of vigor from other team members, it becomes easy to become deflated and start lacking in the enthusiasm that one started with. However, I need to keep in mind that just because other team members might not be as participative as expected, it does not mean that I should let that deter me from continuing with the role I was assigned and still being consistent with my efforts to abide by the duties that are expected of me within my role. During my peer evaluation, it was mentioned that I was inconsistent with sending out weekly reminders, and also that I started off strong in my role as a facilitator, but then started lacking in trying to facilitate for the whole team to discuss and respond to ideas and questions. I can take this feedback, and realize that in order to be a successful member of a team within a working environment, it is important to be consistent with my duties. When a team member starts off strong in their role, they set up a certain expectation within the group and then the group starts expecting the same sort of consistency throughout a task. It is important to realize that if I am sending out a weekly reminder to the group for the first couple of weeks, but then I trail off doing this due to lack in response, that does not reflect on just the team members that are not responding, but mostly reflects on the fact that I am not being consistent within my role. Therefore, by strengthening my weakness of inconsistency, I can become a more effective team member within any role I have within a team in a work environment.

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