Personal Marketing Plan Essay

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Personal Development Plan
By Nidhi Shukla | Carlow University

Combining business school education, professional/personal development training, and self-education along with life experiences has directed me toward beginning a career as a business analyst and later on being an entrepreneur. I have been taking classes and exploring various business opportunities as well. I am an MBA student at Carlow University. I have masters in Physics and English from India and during the course of my graduation, and have also studied various art mediums to explore creative talents. I have decided to combine those strengths and interests into my career path. Now that graduation is ...view middle of the document...

I have to continue improving on being better prepared for the demands of continuing professional or vocational development when I enter employment, learn to align people, system and resources, motivate and inspire others etc. This is a crucial time of my life as I am on the verge of change in career as well as about to experience culturally diverse work environment. PDP is a gradual and continuous process in my life as there is always a column of improvement or innovation in today’s world.

The goals can be established using SMART CRITERIA.
SMART criteria
SPECIFIC: Goals should be straightforward and emphasize what you want to make happen. Specifics help us to focus efforts, clearly define what has to be done.
MEASURABLE: if a goal can't be measured, it can't be managed. In the broadest sense, the whole goal statement is a measure for the plan; if the goal is accomplished, there is a success. ATTAINABLE: a goal needs to stretch beyond our easy reach this brings in a real commitment. The feeling of success which this brings helps to remain motivated.
REALISTIC: this is not a synonym for "easy." Realistic, in this case, means "do-able." It means that the skills needed to do the work are available or can be achieved.
TIMELY: set a timeframe for the goal: for next week, in three months, etc. Putting an end point on your goal gives a clear target to work towards it.

Since I have still to graduate, I have five main short-term goals. This includes goals before graduation, educational career and professional goals. While I am still in school, I aim at keeping my grade point average to a 4.0. I have to improve my resume and working knowledge. I plan to start working rigorously on improving my working knowledge so that I have the option of OPT as an opportunity I can leverage upon to start my career. I plan to take professional help to assist with personal and professional development and on the job training and skills required. After graduation, (Dec 2014), my career goal is to be a healthcare reform analyst/Healthcare insurance analyst at a fortune 500 firm and gradually work my way up to senior analyst and specialize to work in SOX. I would also plan to earn a certification in SOX. This certification and additional coursework will help my career by opening up the passageway to a new business venture. SOX certification can guide my career towards becoming a healthcare consultant and start my own consultancy firm. I would also want to create a “know your healthcare education forum” that would bring various educated consultants on a common platform about the facts of current healthcare reform.

My long-term goals include the continuation of my career, personal and investment objectives. I plan to operate a consulting firm, “Business to Business Consulting” by 2016 for profit and create an associated non-profit linked with it for kids fighting abuse and neglect. I will have to implement...

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