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Personal Medicine Essay

627 words - 3 pages

Personal Medicine
Pxxxx Gonzalez
Strayer University
Instructor: Professor Leon Li
August 9, 2012

The Future of Medicine
Every living human being on earth is susceptible to future disease. In the future, by screening a patients DNA, scientists and doctors will eventually be able to predict a patients possible health risk factors. By gathering this information doctors will be able to manage better healthcare outcomes for their patients. This information can be used to detect future major illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes as well as other chronic and terminal illnesses. DNA screening will allow a patient to have important medical information in their medical file for illnesses that might otherwise not show up for decades.
The Benefits of Personalized Medicine
1. Doctors will know years in advance if their patient will get cancer in the future. By utilizing this information, doctors can help to ensure ...view middle of the document...

Economically, this decline in medical care will greatly affect the amount of money once charged for a patients average hospital stay, surgical costs and follow up doctor’s visits.

4. In the future, people will live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

5. By knowing in advance that a person will get cancer, then pre-treating that person for cancer. Eventually cancer and other terminal illnesses could be eradicated as eventually if everyone is screened for their DNA, no one will die from the end stages of a terminal illness simply because by utilizing DNA Personal Medicine, terminal illnesses will no longer progress to the end stage death of the patient.
Drawbacks of Personalized Medicine
1. Although GINA, (Genetic Information Discrimination, 2009) prevents discrimination by employers through legal means. Employers might find a way to consider your DNA information as a possible health risk to their company.
2. In the future, should your DNA information be leaked to potential friends and family, social discrimination might be the new standard causing people to be stigmatized for illnesses they have not yet gotten.
3. Physicians might use your information to disqualify you for potential kidney donor, blood transfusions, or other medical procedures if they know in advance that you don’t have long to live due to a terminal illness predicted in your future by your Personal Medicine DNA file.
4. Insurance companies could increase your rates simply because your DNA reflects that you have cancer causing genes.

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