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Personal Mission Statement Essay

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Personal Mission Statement
Section I: My Role in My Education
I am attempting to successfully earn a bachelors degree in Computer Hardware Engineering within five years. In order to achieve this goal I will need to adapt to a new environment beyond high school. In college the students have more responsibilities and a higher level of accountability. Balancing priorities such as saving money to help pay for my education and submitting my assignments on time without any reminders. I am willing to put forth my all in my work so I can learn new information that I will use in real life.
In five years, I will hopefully have completed my degree at DeVry University. After I have done that I will ...view middle of the document...

I will make a schedule so I can manage the time that I spend with my friends and the time I spend studying.
STEP 2-Determine the cause(s) of the problem
What? I was putting too much time in procrastinating.
Why? Not enough time is put towards my assignments and studying causing poor test grades.
Who? This problem will impact me, my friends and my family.
Where? This will impact me at school and in the future when I’m trying to find a good job.
When? This problem occurs every week when my friends come home from college.
How much? This problem worries me, because I’m afraid of failing my class.
STEP 3-Generate solutions by brainstorming
• Hang out with my friends once every two weeks.
• Make a schedule for the day that allows me to socialize with my friends.
• Study for all my tests first then go hang out.
• Not hang out at all.
• Study for a few hours each day throughout the week.
STEP 4-Decide on the best solution – consider your wants and your needs.
After doing my brainstorming, I realize that I have three essential needs. My first need is getting good test grades. Secondly, I must successfully complete my classes so I attain a bachelor’s degree. Lastly, I want to spend time with my friends without them thinking that I am avoiding them. In order for me to resolve my needs a weekly and monthly schedule will be initiated. In order for me to make a weekly and monthly schedule I will try to get help from my school advisor and teachers.
STEP 5-Implement the solution
My weekly and monthly schedule will contain all my major assignments, test dates and extra-curricular activities. It will hopefully help to keep an eye on my long-term and short-term goals. Better coordination of my course work will allow for time to have fun with my friend and family. If this works out, I will then continue to coordinate future tasks and events.
STEP 6-Evaluate the solution
In order to evaluate the...

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