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Personal Models Of Helping Essay

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Personal Model of Helping

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BSHS/ 312 Models of Effective Helping

Personal Model of Helping

All theories have different views on ways of helping and different goals to imply. By using the person-centered approach ones view of human nature comes from one’s helping style. One would require a style that would make the client believe he or she is safe and understood. By the client knowing his or her therapist or counselor does understand him or her then he or she will believe he or she is safe and accept the help offer by the therapist or counselor. One could possibly set his or her on goals for change ...view middle of the document...

A client is the agent for change in his or her life. Through the process of using person-centered therapy the client will learn what he or she needs to overcome what he or she is going through. When a therapist can accept the fact the client holds the answer the therapist help will be successful. The person-centered approach sees a person in a good and trustworthy way and gives him or her chance to see his or her problem or issues in a positive manner and develop his or her capabilities to the fullest.

How and why this view was form

This view is formed through the perspective of knowing that a client should always be involved in his or her therapeutic success. Many theories on the technique approach in the field psychology points to the client involvement to overcome and understand the issues. This is why client involvement is so important once a client has the understanding that resolution is in their own hands this will allow for them to open up and be active in sessions. How this happens in therapy all depends on the client and clinician relationship and the approach that is used when this relation is being built. The person centered approach gives the client a new perspective on life and allows for them to build the confidence needed to pursue these perceptions. Once the client realizes their growth potential they are able to move forward.

Relationship between the Clinician and the Participant

The relationship between the clinician and client when using the person-centered approach should be therapeutic with the clinician acting as a mediator for the client’s process. The clinician should provide an environment that stresses personal warmth, empathy, and acceptance for the client. A clinician should focus on the client’s strengths not his or her weakness. When a client is aware that he or she can be successful it strengthens his or her self-esteem. When the client sees the therapist’s empathic understanding and unconditional efforts of helping, the behavior of the client can be seen in a positive manner (Bozarth). The main point of person-centered is that the client already has the answers to his or her problems and the job of the clinician would be to listen to the client without passing judgment, giving advice, the clinician job is to help the client established and understand his or her own feelings (Rogers)

Approach and Techniques

Person-Centered is a type of humanistic counseling. It facilitates with the way an individual identifies him or herself consciously instead of a counselor attempting to construe unconscious thoughts or ideas about the client. Several techniques are used in person-centered counseling, including paraphrasing, active listening, and genuineness. Person-centered use their on techniques along with the techniques they borrow from other therapeutic theories. For example, if one has a client who has negative thoughts about his or her self-one may use rational emotive...

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