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Personal Narrative Essay

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Jackson McKnight
English 3
Mrs. Campbell
Exploring the Roaring Twenties
The 1920’s were a time full of happiness and emotion, now known as the “roaring twenties.” People felt as if they were free and could do anything they set their minds to. Political change was approaching, and our country tried many tactics to promote this, some beneficial and others repealed and forgotten after few years. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald realistically demonstrates qualities of this time through telling the story of Nick Carraway and his experiences with Gatsby (Shmoop Editorial Team). A few qualities that are clearly presented by Fitzgerald are prohibition, carelessness with money, ...view middle of the document...

What would have cost one dollar in the twenties would now cost about twelve dollars now(Amadeo). So when the people spend what seems like a small amount in The Great Gatsby, it is actually much more based upon our standards. Tom and Gatsby are all prime examples of money influencing actions in society. Gatsby spends large amounts of money on all of the parties he throws. These are all to see if one day he can attract Daisy. He doesn’t seem to find joy in them at all, but continues to have them because he says, “I believe happiness can be bought.” He thinks if he shows off enough then one day Daisy will come back and notice him. Tom doesn’t see the value in money, and throws it away carelessly not to show off but to sustain his actions. He uses large amounts of money on Myrtle, who he is cheating on his wife with. An example of this is the first time he is shown picking her up. She decides she wants a puppy from the side of the street, and he throws out $10 without any argument. He treats Myrtle and Daisy both wrongly, but the money keeps them in their place and makes them stay with him. Both women chose to stay with him through their own prerogative though, showing the changing roles of women.
Also in 1920, women gained the right to vote (Tuhoy). Their opinions now mattered to the country. This...

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