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Personal Narrative Time Spent In Waiting Rooms

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Personal Narrative- Time Spent in Waiting Rooms

As I get older there are a few things I’ve started to notice. One that really stands out is the amount of time I spend in waiting rooms. In my particular situation, I have an 85-year-old father, a wife, a fifteen-year-old son, four house cats, goats, horses, dogs, a few other relatives, and assorted other animals that turn up from time to time.

My father, who has been a widower for several years, has a variety of ailments. Primary among these ailments are boredom and loneliness. When a person gets to his age all he can think about is "what hurts, how bad, if it hurts real bad will I wake up on the right side of the grass, and who will ...view middle of the document...

An example of why occurred this summer. I was mowing hay, and low and behold what should appear out of the corner of my eye, but the dog. This dog had a mission and it started on the other side of the sickle bar mower. "Snip, yelp, yelp." So you can see once again I was on my way to the vet’s waiting room. Did I mention that I have to drive 40 miles to almost any waiting room worth visiting?

I suppose your wondering what the benefit of all this experience is. Well, it has helped me to develop a certain inner creativity. For example, I am the author of a rather extensive list of waiting room do’s and don’ts. The first thing is, to show up prepared with a well thought out battle plan, (I was also in the Navy). If the receptionist says, "It will be just a few minutes." you can plan for an extended stay. In this event you should have a full backpack. In it might be some lunch, or one half days of food, utensils and disinfectant. Because you never know how long it will be until your next meal, and where you will eat it.

Reading material is also important particularly if you are male. Personally I really don’t care who’s having an affair with whom in Hollywood, or what I should paint my nails with. A good novel is an excellent choice. Preferably a really juicy one that will keep your attention away from the screaming kids, flowing blood,...

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