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Personal Perception Of Organized Crime Essay

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime
This document will speak of explaining Dena’s individual understanding of organized crime on enrollment in this class. In fact, this document will speak of any theories on Dena’s understanding. In addition, this document will speak of how would Dena explain organized crime, how Dena’s understanding relates to the meaning in the class readings, and speak of the distinctions Dena believes are connected with organized crime.
Organized Crime
Organized crime operates through several forms of bribes and threats to fabricate unique restraint over particular benefits that finally result as controlled by one party. The one party supplies the chance to set ...view middle of the document...

In the globalized economy, computer experts and, financial advisors are every bit as important to organized crime groups so are drug pushers, bookies, and prostitutes. Individuals are brought into a crime network as their services are needed. This kind of peripheral association is highly utilitarian. It makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to trace specific activities back to a core group of criminals (Lyman &Porter, 2007)
A nagging and persistent issue with regard to the structure of the criminal group has been the unfortunate corporate analogy used to describe organized crime’s decision-making structure. The impression left by the corporate analogy is that organized crime has some kind of board of directors and hierarchical structure that control the operation and transmit orders to line personnel. This traditional definition stresses the role of bosses, analogous to corporate CEOs; a commission, roughly equivalent to a corporate board of directors; capos, who would make up the middle management level of a bureaucracy, and soldiers, who are the workers carrying out illegal activity. As people have seen, such a traditional view of organized crime is fundamentally flawed (Lyman & Porter, 2007).

Organized crime is a participant in loan – sharking, fencing operation, and money laundering. Loan – sharking is defined as advancing currency at expensive payments – assisted by proceeds from...

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