Personal Plan Essay

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Personal Plan
Sarah A. Garcia
GEN 195
June 3, 2013
Allan Fifield

Personal Plan

Pursuing a degree in computer science will help achieve my career goal as a computer software engineer. As my career interest in computer science is predominantly because of my attraction to computers the lack of desire to work with others has also impacted my career choice. It will take hard work and determination to accomplish my educational degree which will make me successful in my desired field.
As the technology field grows so does its demand for individuals who can keep pace with the fast expanding knowledge base. Creators and designers of tools, programs, and easy to operate equipment for the less technologically advanced is key to the growth of technology. Being an individual always ...view middle of the document...

When having to deal with the technical department, I viewed their irritation with the unknowledgeable users; my since expanding knowledge of dealing with inexperienced computer users has limited my ability to tolerate the frustrated computer or other technological user. As I expand through out my educational degree program, I am motivated to learn not only tolerance when it comes to working within my educational learning team but also tolerance progressing into my software engineering career to succeed above my own expectations.
Pursuing my educational degree in computer science is my ultimate aspiration to create software for those individuals not as technically inclined as those who create software. I have seen through out my previous career choices, the issues pursuant to software difficulties and understanding by the operator without phenomenal amounts of training. Indulging myself in computers is a passion that has projected its self in my life. Computers are part of my daily life and I revel in understanding them, changing them, and creating a world all my own inside my own knowledge of computers.
As a computer science major I will be continuing my education with a concentration in software engineering, due to my devotion of all technology. Throughout my educational journey I am hoping to gather the patience and willingness to work more closely with others which is my shortcoming in group environments and will be a required useful skill in my future career. As previously noted I believe that software created is for the more advanced technological individual and sometimes more of a problem than the result of a successful product or business. In vision myself creating software for the individuals, I relate to such as the military, and helping them succeed in protecting our country. However, they only way to ensure my success in my desired goal and make that a possibility is to succeed myself. Completing my degree, and using what I have learned to cope with group situations, using my strength of being a leader, and my weakness of being to much of a perfectionist is the only way to make my passion a reality.

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