Personal Refection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper
Maria Williams
February 24, 2013
Stephanie Washington

Personal Reflection Paper
The subject of critical thinking is one that has broadened my thinking horizon by a lot and I am happy to share. Critical thinking is a “type of reasonable, reflective thinking that is aim at deciding what to believe or what to do”. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, sometimes true, partly true, or false. Critical thinking can be traced to the Western, thought to the Socratic method of Ancient Greece and in the East, to the Buddhist, Kalama-Sutta and Abhidharma. Critical thinking is an important component of most professions. It is part of the formal education process and is increasingly significant as a student’s progress through university to graduate education, although there is debate among educators about its precise meaning and scope, ...view middle of the document...

I learn to ask more questions and not to take everything for what it is, or seems to be.
My own critical thinking has changed in the aspect that I do more of it and I dig deeper into the subject, problems or issue now, sometimes without meaning to. I has opened me up as a person and made me less afraid to speak out on how I feel, especially if I feel something does not fit or seem right. In week one I place myself in the category that I did because I know that my critical thinking was not up to par. Now, instead of being in stage two, I believe I am now at a stage four which is the practicing thinker because I am taking time to notice my own thoughts and I am more willing and open to changing my thoughts when need , and by doing the research necessary to get the right answers I am looking for. I will get myself to the final stage of critical thinking by continuing to practice every day, taking work shop, talking to people and starting a conversations that leads to where you can critical think the issue. I know that if I put my mind to do it on a daily basis and when times permits I will be practicing every step and strategies I have learn in this course. I will also practice on identifying fallacies, and to tell the differences in a mistake or fallacies. I had never had problems expressing myself, but I have learn how to do express it in a professional way it and still have a great outcome. I have learned not to assume or jump into any conclusion until all the facts are presented and then make a rational decision. I need to remember to listen to other people opinions with an open mind to get ideas on how to go about solving the problem or get your point across to the audience and by knowing how to approach the right audience with the proper tone. You can use critical thinking everyday without knowing because it is superficial. When I am doing critical thinking it take a tow on me when I did not practice critical thinking, but now I know how to critical think everything that has to do with financial problems or how to go about saving extra money for the unexpected. Critical thinking can be use for any type of problem or issue that you might have and as long you do not hesitate or delay the problem or issue before it can get out of hand and to find the solution you need to find the root of the problem.

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