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Photos bring memories back to life. Each photo tells a different story, sometimes things you don’t always like to remember.
The photo that I have chosen is of a young girl in a pretty formal dress. She is holding a packet of Minties, her favourite lollies. Her grandma gave them to her right after she performed in a concert for her dancing school.
Athol Williby School of dance, a place she’d been going to for 3 years, since she was 7 years old. Every Monday her mother would drop her off out the front of the old office building. She’d walk down the laneway round the back, up the old wooden stairs into a change room.
A change room where all the older girls gossiped as she and her friend ...view middle of the document...

She was screaming instructions at everyone; they just kept walking through the doors.
The young girls walked into change room 8. It was huge with ballet costumes on hangers. There were lights around the mirrors just like in the movies. The little girls felt very glamorous.
They were told to sit on the ground and wait until Marie, the lady that would be looking after and helping them get into their costumes, came.
The young girls sat and waited patiently, giggling excitedly about which costumes they would get to wear.
All of sudden like a gust of wind the door flung open and in came the screaming lady with red curly hair and a big noise.
All the young girls gasped. Marie as she was called stood over all the girls and looked down on them.
“Why aren’t you girls in your costumes yet?”
Everyone looked down, no one said a thing everyone was too scared.
“Well hurry up them, it’s those ones on the rack over there”
Everyone rushed over to the rack she had pointed at and started putting on his or her costumes.
“I’ll be back in 5 minutes, all of you better be dressed by the time I come back”
When the door shut everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Mandy one of the girls that had done a concert before spoke up.” That’s Marie; she’s not very nice. Don’t talk back to her, the last girl that did that didn’t get to perform”
“What happened?” Melanie asked.
“Big noise, also known as Marie, told Katie that she had to wear Jenny costumes because it was too small for Jenny. Katie told her it would be way too small for her and that Jenny should find her own costume. Big noise went right off, she told her that...

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