Personal Resoonsibilty And College Success Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success
Recognizing and accepting personal responsibility is a major step in an adult college student’s life. It is one of the factors that separate, an adult from a child; unfortunately, not everyone makes that step. Personal responsibility is a cornerstone in achieving college success. It removes excuses and forces an adult college student to practice self discipline, self determination, and resource management, which are requirements for college success in any area of life.
Personal responsibility is defined as taking ownership of an adult college student’s actions; accepting the consequences that come from their actions and understanding how ...view middle of the document...

The first step is to be active in school and participate in the classroom; by asking questions, participating in group sessions, engaging intelligently in group activities, and always being on time. According to Prospero (2007) it is incredibly beneficial to “participate in extracurricular college activities, their levels of involvement with the social networks have a strong positive effects on critical thinking, sense of control over their own academic success, preference for higher-order cognitive tasks, scientific reasoning, writing skills, and educational degree plans” (p. 963). As noted by Johnson (2002) in order to get to know the professor, it is important to “identify the things a professor gives priority to, and then figure out how to communicate the information back to the professor in the method he or she requires” (p. 66). Getting to know and understanding the professor greatly will benefit the adult college students because it is one of the ways in which students can offer input in the classroom and even apply his or her in various “real world” situations. It is also motivating and encouraging for professors when students engage and relate to the materials, as the professor values the importance of the student’s opinion. Most professors stress that a student "just ask” if they have questions or concerns as Johnson (2002) says “they won’t bite, he says students often think wrongly that faculty are unapproachable and don’t want to talk to them. But that’s not true. He says he values visits from his student even when they don’t have class related questions.” (p. 66)
Next, is resource management. Acquiring a well-organized time management, an adult college student will be successful and survive college. An adult college student must establish set study times and treat those periods as it is another job, e.g., start on time and come prepared. Learning effective study habits and committing to them will prevent a student from being a procrastinator. One of the most helpful study habits to develop while reading or studying is to pay attention to the headlines, the questions at the conclusion of the chapter, the highlighted terminology, the vocabulary, and the subject matter sentences (Johnson, 2002). The well thought out personal plan is to prepare an in-depth chart of all the activities, including job, school, commuting times, childcare, periods of sleep, etc., including start and stop times when possible. This will allow the student to identify time slots for additional study time or other activities. Next step is to track the weekly adherence to the established schedule and make adjustments when possible based on the performance inside and outside...

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