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It Is My Responsibility To Be A College Success |
What I Need To Do To Achieve Success As A College Student |

There is a correlation between personal responsibility and college success because a student has to be willing to put forth the effort required to achieve a successful college career, develop relationships with instructors, and choose what type of success they want to have throughout their college profession. |

When thinking about the phrase, personal responsibility, several different definitions come to my mind. It means taking accountability for my own welfare. Personal responsibility can signify that I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life. ...view middle of the document...

Responsibility is a word that usually goes through one ear and out of the other, because I hear it all the time. However, when the word, personal, is in front of it, the word, responsibility, is no longer just a word passing through my long list of words that I hear on a daily basis. It becomes an important word because now, it relates to me, personally.
Personal responsibility is important to me because it plays a huge role in my success as a college student. I have chosen to take this step to further my educational career, now I must continue taking more steps to make sure that I accomplish this journey through college. If I do not take the steps needed to complete my college career, I am choosing to fail myself, thus failing my college career. There is a correlation between personal responsibility and college success because I have to be willing to put forth the effort required to achieve a successful college career, develop relationships with instructors, and choose what type of success I want to have throughout my college career.
I have to be willing to put forth the effort to achieve a successful college career. Hmmmm. How do I go about doing this? One of the main pastimes that I engage in, as a college student, is studying. Now, when I mention the word, studying, a few of you may say, “that’s an easy one to accomplish. You just open a book and read!” It may sound easy, but there are specific study habits, that I use, in order to achieve success in college.
Effective study habits are techniques used to enrich and formulate a purpose in regards to your studying. One example of an effective study habit is using the “2/1 rule-two hours of study for every hour of class time (i.e., 15 credit hours typically calls for 30 hours of study time).” [ (Latino & Powell, 2010) ] Another example of effective studying is “try setting aside a time to REVIEW your notes immediately BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP.” [ (Latino & Powell, 2010) ] Research has proven that when you study before you go to bed, you actually retain the material more than, if you had studied during the day. Therefore, the saying, “burning away the midnight oil” is not such a bad thing. Lastly, always study the most difficult subjects first, and the easiest ones later. By following this technique, you will study your tougher subjects while your energy is at its highest (which is a good thing), and those subjects that you can probably get by without studying too much, will be reserved for later on, when your energy level has plummeted.
There comes a point throughout many of the classes that I will take during my college career that I will just not feel like doing anymore reading, writing, and thinking. I will say to myself, “I can rest for a couple of days and catch up with my work at the end of the week.” Unfortunately, the end of the week comes around, and I suddenly realize that I have less than 24 hours to submit the paper that I decided to take a break from at that...

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