Personal Responsibility And College Success Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success
Lisa Tavarez
November 26, 2012
Ms. Brenda L.Torres, MSEd.


Personal responsibility is the most important ethic that an individual can exercise. With the development of personal responsibility comes growth in all areas of life. It is a matter of taking charge of your own life and your circumstances, and giving it your all, in order to achieve great results. Effective time management and planning, and the knowledge of how to use college resources will be critical for survival. Hard work and integrity are essential on the path to higher education. Self esteem and discipline play a major role in college success. ...view middle of the document...

d.). Self esteem and self discipline also play a major role in college success. Students with positive self esteem take responsibility and apply it in their work; they behave independently without relying on their peers for help; they take pride in their work, and are proud of their achievements.
College success is directly related to personal responsibility in that, students who feel good about themselves, tend to attain the goals they put into place, and strive for excellence in their performance. They are able to accomplish tasks without difficulty; employing proper time management in meeting deadlines. They are able to express both positive and negative emotions keeping situations in proper perspective; gathering facts and setting emotions aside in order to achieve a finality. These students are confident and have a good work ethic.
According to Trif (2010): Students with low self esteem are generally unhappy and tend to avoid achievement or engage in new tasks. They are unmotivated and usually will hide from a challenge. They lack self worth; blame others for their inadequacies, they cannot tolerate a medium level of frustration and are easily influenced. These students are irresponsible and can appear rebellious and uncaring. Self esteem is how people feel about themselves, and how much they like themselves, especially when compared to others who they admire or perceive to be superior.
Personal responsibility means that when we, as students, fail to meet expectations, we do not look for someone, or for an outside factor to blame. Through the many pressures of being a student one must have discipline, maintain focus, and not succumb to academic stress or peer pressures. We are responsible for our achievements, and for our failures as well. “A failure doesn’t have to be perceived as a symptom of non-value, but as a situation that needs to be solved.” (Trif, Letitia, 2010).
We are all students, young and old, and still learning life’s lessons every day. Through error comes emotional maturity; we take what we learn and apply it to the areas of our lives that need improvement. This is how we evolve and become healthier human beings and better at what we do. How we manage ourselves in college depends on our level of emotional maturity. This includes being aware of our preferences or biases, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and having a strong sense of self worth and discipline.
According to Lane, Lane, and Kyprianou (2004): There is significant correlation between self efficacy, self esteem, and academic success. If a person has high levels of self efficacy on tasks within an occupation in which he/she has invested much self worth, then there is likely to be a positive correlation between self esteem and self efficacy. In essence, our behavior, attitude, and disposition all play key roles in attaining academic achievement.
Personal responsibility is an obligation to do what is right and what is just in every...

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