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Keys to academic and personal success

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March 4, 2014

The three keys to academic and person success is goal setting, staying organized and time management. It is very important to stay motivated and focused on one’s personal responsibilities. In my opinion, personal responsibility means taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Keeping in mind that one’s own actions always have consequence. Those consequences can directly or indirectly effect one’s self or the people around them. Everyone has their own personal responsibilities. They can be specific like picking the kids up from school every day to wide in range like a general responsibility to the ...view middle of the document...

This will help me keep work, family and school time equally balanced during my week.
Goal setting starts with finding out what motivates you. While being truly honest, evaluate your motivation for going to school or work. Some examples of what might motivate you are a better life for you and your family or maybe you have had your eye on the newest sports car available. Whatever it is, it must be recognized before you can start setting your mid and short term goals. Once you have found your motivation or your long term goals you can start thinking about what you need to do to reach your goals of a better life or a sports car. You may need to further your education to obtain a better job or you want a promotion in your present job that can only be achieved with a higher education. Whatever it is that needs to be done to reach your long term goal can be divided in to mid and short term goals. Larger goals can be divided in to smaller ones to prevent from become overwhelmed.
Staying organized is essential in successfully keeping your personal responsibilities in proper order. By keeping a planner readily on hand you can add assignments, appointments and daily tasks as they arise. Traditional hand written day planners vs. hand held devices basically depend on what you are more comfortable with. The tech savvy person may want to use the calendar function on their cellular device while others may feel it takes longer to maneuver around to the calendar app and would rather use a traditional day planner. Either way it is very important to stay organized. Also spending quality time on tasks is crucial. Determine when you are most effective. If you are a morning person you wouldn’t want to schedule writing a nine hundred word paper at eight o’clock at night. This will ensure that the quality of your work will be better and you will be able to complete the task most efficiently.
The third key to academic and personal success is time management. It is essential to set realistic goal when managing one’s time. If it takes thirty minutes to drive to work on a normal day do not only allow for ten minutes to drive to work. Allotting proper time amounts on certain tasks will assure the task is done properly and you will be less likely to have to redo it at a later date. Plan your day accordingly by focusing on your...

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