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Personal Skills In Sport Management Essay

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Chapter 2: Personal Skills
Part 1: Leadership
2.1.1) Leadership development
* Influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of organisational skills
* Motivating, directing, supervising, guiding and evaluating of others for the purpose of accomplishing a task

2.1.2) Characteristics of Good Leaders
* Determination
* Energy
* Integrity
* Self confidence
* Fairness
* Wisdom
* Knowledge
* Etc

2.1.3) Leadership style
* Authoritarian/Directive – decides what to do and ...view middle of the document...

2.1) Concept of Communication
- Chain of communication

* Not just verbal communication, but also non-verbal (body language, gestures, facial expressions)
* Message sent may not be the message received and understood
* Barriers to effective communication – unclear message due to poorly structured thoughts
* Patronising, presumptuous and arrogant manner of sender
* Misinterpretation of sender
* Lack of attention/Resistance of receiver due to other thoughts
* Lack of time
* Distractions

2.2.2) Receiving Skills
* Good listening requires concentration
* Techniques that are helpful – place 100% of your concentration on the speaker
* Avoid interrupting
* Listen to main ideas
* Try to understand message from sender’s point of view
* Don’t plan reply while others are speaking
* Encourage speaker by asking open questions + inviting clarification
* Check for understanding

* Non-verbal – more important than verbal communication
* Body language, gestures and fascial expressions

* Active listening – show with eyes and body that we’re involved in the communication process
* Establish eye contact
* Smile
* Be aware of your posture
* Lean towards speaker to encourage rapport
* Encourage speaker by nodding and smiling when appropriate

2.2.3) Sending skills
* Spoken communication must be effective and efficient
* Improving spoken communication – be honest
* Schedule for a better time and place if there are distractions
* Be aware of how long you speak
* Think before speaking
* Focus on one thing at a time
* Separate fact from opinion in message
* Awareness of potential emotional response
* Make message appropriate to listener
* Listener losing interest, involve by asking what they think
* Give time to consider what’s required of them and ask questions
* Get feedback that message was correctly received and understood

* Non- verbal – choose location of meeting carefully
* Be aware of body language
* Gestures and word should match
* Be aware of distance between you and listener

2.2.4) Techniques for Achieving through communication
* Be assertive + smile – save time
* Establish confidence in others
* Make working relationships closer
* Build a winning image
* Reinforce self-control and sense of responsibility

* Manifest itself through – statement of your position
* Request clarification of other’s position
* Empathy to control peace and mood of the communication
* Establish control through facts and consequences

* Strokes = attention
* Positive strokes (makes you feel good)
* Negative strokes (makes you feel bad)
* Can be physical or mental

* Keep the...

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