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Personal Views Ethics Essay

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Mike Sommerfeld
BUS4801 – Ethics and Enterprise
Personal Views Ethics Essay
Capella University

In summary my test results were middle of the road, which is what I had expected. Although I do believe ethics is an important piece of the business puzzle, it can be hard to totally buy into ethics as the world is bubbling with corruption. I found my results to be valid in my current situation and the business decisions I face every day. I don’t think that the 5 ethics myths really relate to me or my current situation. I can however see where they could possibly come into play. Myth number is best applied to my current employment in that we do a lot of hiring and firing, and without ...view middle of the document...

I do run a pro-business at work and many times ethics goes right out the window when competing for a sale. We actually pride ourselves on taking out the competition and putting them out of business, is that good morals? Probably not, we know damn well there is plenty of business to support us and the competition, but we as a company are greedy and want it all. My way of thinking is some healthy competition is good, but all the same I will still do what it takes to take them out. An example of this happened just the other day actually. I had a contractor bring in a fairly large job he wanted a quote for, when he handed me the materials list, he also gave me a quote from a direct competitor with their price highlighted. So, what did we do? We undercut their price but less than $.25 and took the sale.
Ethical behavior within a corporation starts at the top. The company I work for has in recent years done very well, but our past CEO had a very skewed set of morals which set the tone for the whole company. His term as since been dubbed “the dark years”, his unethical greedy approach to doing...

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