Personal Vs Apple Essay

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Personal Computer versus Apple
David O’Neal
COM 170
September 24, 2011
Shana Wilson

Personal Computer versus Apple
Personal computer and Apples have been used by people for many years. In order to choose the right computer you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each computer. You should also determine which computer would be most effective for your daily life. Personal computers and Apples computer, Mac, were developed back in the 70’s but have made major improvements since then.
Personal computers first came out back in 1971. A single board computer was invented back in 1976 that were called Apple 1. Apple 2 was introduced in 1977. Microsoft introduced ...view middle of the document...

The computers can now be used for gaming, photography, listening to music, watching movies, and to help organize people’s lives.
Windows can be used on Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, or Hewlett Packard. The operating system for each computer is completely different. Personal computers use Windows. Windows can be used on personal computers and on laptops as well. Windows only has Windows Media Player and Media Maker. Microsoft makes Windows for personal computers and allows the software to be placed on any computer. Microsoft office is available for both the personal computer and Mac’s. Personal computers can have a television tuner installed in them so that you have the ability to watch television on your computer and also record shows. Linux and Unix are both operating systems and can only be used on personal computers. The operating systems are both used by programmers and software designers. Both systems are used to develop software for Windows only and they are also used to develop video game software for different platforms like Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation Vita.
Apple creates their own operating system and only allows the system to be used on Mac computers. Mac computers use OS X for their operating system. OS X software is only used on Mac desktops. Mac laptops use iOS as their operating system. Mac is better with multimedia because it offers software programs like ILife, IBank, IWorks, and ITunes. Each program is geared to making your life easier. Mac’s offers ILife which includes ITunes, IMovie, IDVD, IPhoto, IWeb, and GarageBand. These are all programs that stores songs, photos, movies, and can also assist in creating a website. However Macs do not have Blu-Ray players installed on their computers. The majority of new personal computers have Blu-Ray players already installed. Mac does have the capability to purchase a television tuner separately and can be installed on the computer.
Personal computers have been around for years and Mac’s are starting to become more popular. Because personal computers have been around so long though hackers and virus writers have created more viruses for them than the Mac. Mac is not being targeted as much as personal computers so that is definitely an advantage. Mac’s are susceptible to viruses but there are just not as many out there. Once a personal computer receives a virus it can knock out your entire system therefore having a...

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