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Personality And Abnormal Behavior Essay

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I have always been sure of myself. Since I was a young child my parents instilled in my brother and I that we always are sure of whom we are and be confident in that as well. Knowing that I was taught to always be sure of myself, I developed a sense of confidence about my self. Something like an aura, when I would walk into a room. With that sense of pride there also came a sense of entitlement. I felt as though I was very special and that I should be praised for the things I did growing up because I was so original and so unique. I remember in pre-school I got an award at our graduation for being the bossiest person in the classroom. Some people would have been offended by that, however, I ...view middle of the document...

My second highest personality disorder was Schizotypal Personality Disorder. I thought it would be Paranoid Personality Disorder but I can see how I could relate to SPD. Within the last 4 or 5 years I have noticed that within my romantic relationships, around month 6, I usually become uninterested and uncomfortable with the relationships that I have gotten in. I am known for taking things out of context or blowing things out of proportion However, I do not feel like that is the same as perceptual distortions, I can see to some degree how the two can be similar. There are times when I think the world is awfully ridiculous and I wonder what life would be like if they found life on another planet. I know that may seem strange, but I also love conspiracy theories so yet again I can see why this was second ranked.
Having a few characteristics of SPD could be beneficial when dealing with people/clients in this field. Since there is some discomfort with having close relationships there should not be a problem with having dual relationships within the counseling realm. I should be able to distinguish the relationship and keep myself at a far enough distance to avoid any relationships from developing. I could also relate to a lot of clients who may suffer from forms of OCD, Paranoid disorders, etc., who fear the world and thinks that the world is too much for them to handle and let them know that I understand how that feels and use some of the things that work for me to cope to help them overcome their issues. The flip side to all of that is I may be too uncomfortable with certain clients due to the seriousness of their issues. SPD could be the block that causes me not to be competent in situations where I may feel too uncomfortable or suffer from perceptual distortions from the things that they may or may not bring up. Having to ensure that I balance my views and thoughts and feelings when dealing with clients that could make me take a step outside of my comfort level.
The next highest personality disorder for me was Antisocial Personality Disorder. This was another big shocker because I do not see this in my everyday life. People who suffer from APD usually are manipulative. They lack empathy towards people and their rights as a human being, and usually cross those rights often. Reading articles about APD, people who suffer from this disorder are callous, cynical and contemptuous of others. I hate when I meet people with those qualities so the fact that this was my third highest through me for a loop. However, the more I read the more I saw how some of the characteristics of APD are similar to how I conduct myself. Though, my parents always taught me to not let every little thing bother me, I still thought this one would be a little far fetched for me. Yet, I can see how growing up as the “token black girl” in a majority white school allowed me to be able to stand tall against the “social norms” that, that environment placed upon me.
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