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XXXXXXXXX Professor Marcus
PSY260 SEC141 May 23, 2011

Additional Final Paper Questions

In this paper I am going to take into consideration the important and central relationship that I share with my son, XXXXX. I will discuss the disorder, traits and symptoms that best fit each of us independently. I will analyze and reflect on why these traits and symptoms lend themselves to a mostly good, positive, and harmonious relationship that we share.
My relationship with my son wasn’t always harmonious. When he was six years old I got sent to Federal Prison for eight years. I committed two bank robberies in Manhattan as a direct result of being a drug addict. I used drugs ...view middle of the document...

I knew I couldn’t deny him in life that which was denied me, and I decided to make changes.
I got completely sober in 2004, and I began to work on my character defects, which by definition are personality disorders. It has been extremely hard, and is a constant work in progress. I try to weigh my interactions and reactions with my son and evenly as possible. I try to be a fair and loving father. Sometimes it doesn’t work out exactly as I may have planned, but by continuing to identify, treat, and work with the personality disorders each of us may have, my son and I are closer than we have ever been, and we enjoy a very special relationship.
I will begin with myself. As we sit in class and discuss personality disorders, I use this time to identify them within myself where applicable. Personality disorders are categorized as chronic, and ongoing. I personally believe they can be reined in via reaction modification. While I freely admit to these personality disorders, I also must insist on interjecting that through hard work, which has included both therapy, and quarterly visits with my psychiatrist, I have been able to keep my personality disorders from running my life, as they would like to.
I believe in my late teens and early twenties I began to exhibit many symptoms of borderline personality disorder. This is a Cluster B Disorder. In the criteria, I meet several. Frantic effort to avoid abandonment, real or imagined. This led me to behaviors such as people pleasing, and helped me succumb to peer pressure of the slightest degree. A pattern of unstable

or intense interpersonal relationships, alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation. This one hurts to hear, because it was what I did to my women all the time. Impulsive in at least two areas that were potentially self-damaging. For me these areas included, sex, drugs, criminality. I took all of this and more to the extreme. This wasn’t a typical, sex and drugs and rock and roll. This was a sex and drugs and rock and roll suicide. However, I never did finish things well when I was younger. Recurrent suicidal gestures or threats…Intentional overdoses and slashing of the wrist (age 18). Chronis feeling of emptiness. Absolutely. Inappropriate intense anger or difficulty controlling anger. I was a rage-a-holic, constantly fighting and being arrested. This personality disorder ruled my life for over twenty five years. It led me to constant run-ins with the law, never ending family fights, and the inability to remain in a relationship for any length of time. I had no sense of self. No self-respect. No desire to live a normal life. No goals or dreams whatsoever. I was damaged goods. I didn’t know it. And I had no idea anything could be done about it. I self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, sex, and criminality. I feel this is a very fair and accurate description of my primary personality disorder.
I am going to assign my son Cameron a...

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