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Personality Evaluation Essay

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By Misbah Tariq:

Anum Khalid ‒ a straight forward and an amiable girl. I have known her from the past two years and would try to analyze her personality, her strengths and weaknesses to the best of my knowledge and my judgement.
Anum is calculated and an ambitious girl with her own preferences in life. She has developed a sense of responsibility in setting high goals for her studies. This makes her very focused and practical in her approach and thought process.
She is an independent person and has often been found performing some “typically elderly tasks” herself. This of course compliments to her ‘responsible’ nature. Anum is not that close to her family but even then she has been found sacrificing her own desires in preference to her family.
Many of our mutual friends refer to her as being a very egoistic, and an arrogant girl. ...view middle of the document...

A girl ‒ who reveals her innersole. Her innersole is the reflection of her outward appearance. She remains one of the remarkable girls, I have encountered in my life!

Misbah Tariq ‒ as asked, I, Misbah Tariq would evaluate and analyze my personality and traits.
In my opinion, I am an extremely sensitive girl and usually get affected by even the slightest incidents around me. I get carried away by trivial comments and notions of others. This is a weakness as; I take it because the world is not sympathetic towards emotional fools. I take the words of others very seriously and am always trying to improve my personality and root out my flaws, which is only possible for someone who is corrective and calculated in nature.
I am a stereotypic eastern and conservative girl and am well aware of my religious values and customs. In some or other way, I always try to pursue my life in a religious way.
Apart from this, I often suffer when I easily get influence by others ideas and opinions. Being innocent at heart, I, at times, believe in other people very easily. This is merely due to the fact that I think and take decisions from my heart rather than my mind.
I am very close to my family and am a fun loving girl. I always get ready to hang out with friends and family and take out time to spend with mates. However, this does not imply that I am weak at my studies.
Other than this, I am leading a very well-mannered life in which there is preallocated time for studies, co-curricular activities and fun time, as well. Many of my friends and acquaintances refer to me as being a very serious, quiet and solitude loving girl. Some of them find me arrogant and proud, which I feel is due to my habit of being usually quiet. However, I take the above opinion as a flaw in me and am endeavouring to eradicate this, as much as I can.
I love wit. This is one of the integral qualities that I usually see in people.
Lastly, I get over joyous sometimes. This also is a weakness and I am trying to overcome it.

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