Personality In The Workplace Essay

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Personality in the Workplace

Personality in the Workplace
Personality can be thought of as the sum total of ways in which an individual interacts and reacts to other individuals (Stephen & Robbins, 2013). Research has shown that measuring personality is a useful tool in making hiring decisions and helping organizations forecast who is best for each unique position. The Big Five Model Personality Model does a great job of predicting how individuals will behave in a wide range of real-life situations, including in an individual’s work life (Stephen & Robbins, 2013). After taking the assessment, my results showed that I scored highest in openness to experience/intellect and lowest ...view middle of the document...

I have always known that creativity was my number one strength. I crave the chances to be creative and love the curiosity surrounding new and different experiences. I also have a passion for painting and have always been drawn to ways of artistic expression, so it came as no surprise that I scored highest (84th percentile) in openness to experience. Individuals who score high in openness to experience have increased learning, are more creative, and are more flexible and autonomous (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). These characteristics lead to higher training performance, enhanced leadership skills, and more adaptability to change (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). My creativity allows be to look at complex problems in my position in a unique way, leading me to effective solutions. Scoring high in openness to experience confirmed what I had previously believed about my own personality, giving me the confidence to pursue leadership positions knowing my personality will serve me well.
Conscientiousness is the personality dimension that describes someone who is very dependable, organized and reliable (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). Since I was a young adolescent, I have always been considered the very dependable and responsible one among my family and friends as I was always on time, well-organized and always followed the rules. The word “careful” and “cautious” quickly come to mind when reflecting on my own childhood. Those who score high in conscientiousness show greater effort and persistence, are more disciplined, show more drive, and are better organized (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). These traits are great for higher performance in the workplace, enhanced leadership, and greater longevity within an organization (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). Research shows that conscientious may be the highest predictor of overall job performance, proving its importance to organizational success. My score of being in the 64th percentile corresponds to the success I have had in my position as Client Success Manager at a leading research and advisory firm. My job requires an extreme level of organization and dependability as I act as a personal advisor to multiple c-level executives at top organizations. For my position, conscientiousness is the most important personality factor needed to achieve success and high job performance.
Extraversion is the personality dimension that captures an individual’s comfort level with relationships (Stephens & Robbins, 2013). Individuals that score high in extraversion tend to be assertive and sociable. With a score in the 53rd percentile, I am neither particular social or reserved but rather somewhere in between. As a child I was very shy and borderline anti-social, but as I got older I learned to be more outgoing and comfortable interacting with others. Being 6’4” since the seventh grade, I had a hard time being the center of attention and would shy away from social gatherings and bringing any more attention to myself...

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