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Personality Paper

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Naadirah Harris
Eva Benitez was a teenage girl who experienced a lot of abuse and went through many tragedies throughout her life. She goes through violence everyday of her life no matter if it’s at school she deals with it anywhere. She handles her problems with hate and anger; she needs guidance in her life.
Benitez felt that if something is not right she’s going to say something, she doesn’t let anything by pass her. As she mentioned in the movie she hates white people because they feel as though they can do anything they want and have no consequence. She hates white cops because they killed someone who was African American for reaching in their pocket. Her ...view middle of the document...

Her sisters were astonished that Eva went about the situation that way but she thought that was the right thing to do. When the cops arrived, Eva was standing on the porch punching herself in the head because she thought that she allowed all her brothers to rape her. The cops asked her brief questions that had to be answered no matter how upset she was. Eva answered every question with anger and violence due to the way she was feeling at that moment. She had no control of what was happening to her because she was drunk and high.
The hour after the incident, their father arrived and asked why Eva looked so upset. He didn’t suspect anything because all six of her brothers had left before the cops came and never returned. So he then asked Eva what happened sweetie and she answered your sons raped me while I was getting dressed. He said no they didn’t your brothers would never do such thing to their little sister. Benitez replied how dare you not believe me and how dare my sister’s sit there and not act like they did not witness this. She then said the cops were white and they did not do anything to resolve this issue, all they did was laugh at me and make me feel first. Her father looked her directly in her eyes and said I believe you, this would never happen again. Eva said how do you know your never home, it happened twice already I just never made it a big deal.
The next day Eva said to herself this is reality and things like this is going to happen my brothers always told me they seen me in a different way. Eva then went into her brother’s room and woke them up and said I’m sorry about yesterday it was just a dream. Her brothers said no it wasn’t Eva we raped you, you was so drunk that you weren’t conscious of what was going on. Eva said I don’t want to believe that this really happen so can this just be a dream in my book because I want to look pass this because I love my brothers.
I know it was wrong of my brothers to do that to me but I’m over it. Eva then went outside and started talking to gang members about the situation so they asked her do you want to get down with us. Eva thought about that question and said yes I do I need some protection my father is supposed to be my protector but he isn’t doing his job. The gang members said your father is in the Latino gang he’s our OG and he protects us. Benitez said I will love to be your pup because I want to see if my father would protect me just because I’m in a gang.
Everyday it’s something with Eva she’s missed thirty days of school because of all this abuse in her life. When she was going to school she would come there with bruises all over her and her teachers would wonder where they came from. This morning Eva decides to go sign up for school because she got kicked out because she exceeded the days that you can be absent from school. When she enters the...

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