Personality Paper

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Personality Paper
November 20, 2011

Personality Paper
Personality doesn’t have a single definition but the term “personality” is more than the part in which individuals take place in. Personality is derived from Latin meaning persona, it is also a type of mask that was used in by roman actors in theatrical performances (Fiest & Fiest, 2009). Personality theorists have developed unique and vital theories, because personality is so different the theorist couldn’t agree to the nature of humanity. An individual’s behavior is defined by the unique and unusual characteristics and traits these consistency add character to the persons personality. Traits can be common, unique or ...view middle of the document...

What are theoretical approaches in studying personality? First, describe-the objective is to watch the behavior and give a description of it. Second, explain- explain your observation in other words, why did that person do what they did? Third, predict-when you know what and why something happens and you will expect the same results in the years to come. Fourth, control- when you know it has happened and it will happen again in the years to come you can maintain some form of discipline over the issue. Another way to put it would be, as a child your father was abusive this makes causes you to choose partners that are abusive in behavior, assumption leads us to assume that any future partners will be abusive in behavior based on the past partners action, this leads to an intervention to change the current unconstructive behavior. Last, improve- psychologist- theory that the way to maintain ones behavior but to do it in a reinforced way. The purpose is to improve the individual’s life; this may include changing the individual’s behavior. They want to make a person’s life better, not make it worse. This is not always what happens, but it should always be their intentions. Scientist relies on logical reasoning to help formulate what is called a testable hypothesis, because the scientific theory is based on more than one single assumption. “Why do we have so many different theories of personality if they are truly scientific?” This is because the very nature of a theory allows speculation from their own point of view. (Fiest & Fiest, 2009) The five theoretical approaches are, Evolutionary Psychology, Behavior Genetics, Biological Theorizing, Social Cognitive, and Psychoanalytic Techniques. Since personality theory grows from a theorist’s own characteristics and behavior, this would mean that studding the behavior and characteristics of these theorists would be appropriate (Fiest & Fiest, 2009).
There are many factors that can influence someone’s personality. For example your culture and religion. If you are around those influences long enough your personality is likely to be like that group of...

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