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Perspective On Football Essay

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Critical thinking: Sociological
In American culture football is the most popular sport of all. Football is more than just a sport it is a group of people that can be considered friends and even sometimes as family. Football is only one of a thousand “groups” that brings together young men that develop over time into close-knit relationships outside of the family dynamic. The game of football is a competition between two opposing teams that face off in order to out skill one another in order to achieve one goal; winning. Approximately 5.5 million children from the ages of 8 to 14 alone play football. High school statistics for the ages of 14 to 18 is approximately 1.1 ...view middle of the document...

.. winning games. Not everyone will make it to the top due to lack of skill or even personal drive while others will make it to the top must also have a lot of discipline and drive to excel. “Durkheim would say that sports serve the ritualistic function of keeping society bonded and people (fans and teams) in solidarity with each other” (Ritzer 286). The best athletes deserve the money they get because they help us as a society determine who we are and establish a sense of togetherness.
Structural functionalist tend to believe that sports are popular and important to society because they maintain stability and normalcy in today’s society. Structural Functionalist also sees the various entities that are involved in the overall concept of a football game. They focus on the dynamics between coaches, players, referees, owners and most importantly the fans. Each of these has their own job to do with assigned tasks. The two largest entities are the players and coaches. The player’s role is to learn the sport, hone their skills and to actually entertain the fans with way they play the game. But it doesn’t stop there for the players. They also have responsibilities off the field. They have to practice, workout, watching films of opposing teams and themselves, and also to keep up a public image. The coaches role on the other hand is to be invented with developing plays, developing the practice program, running practice, pushing the players to their limits, calling the right plays throughout the games and to also watch films of opposing teams to develop strategies to beat their opponents. Together, the players and coaches have to be in sync and have the greatest impact on the outcome of a game. When it comes to game day, the coaches and the players stand on the sideline mentally preparing together and facing off the opposing team. The biggest difference is that coaches are the ones directing the game and all the plays that the players will execute. One could say the players are the puppets and the coaches are the puppeteers.
A latent function is the development of an identity. Coaches have the biggest role in this. If a coach for example teaches “to win we praise God, to lose we praise God” then the team will develop an identity as a Christian team. But if the coach teaches with a negative, cursing mouth then the team will follow suit. Bottom line, the coaches develop the identity of a team and that attitude is put on the players and then displayed for the public. A manifest function of the coaches is to get the team ready for games and to ensure they have the right person playing the right position. On the flip side, if a coach does not have the right strategy planned out for a game this could lead to the team failing and this would be a dysfunction of the coach. One last dysfunction of a team comes through money. Owners can lose sight of their players and coaches as people and only see them property or...

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