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Perspective Writing Essay

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Perspective Writing Of the characters in the story, I was least offensive to Elizabeth. I admire her courage and her willingness to do what needed to be done. She saw that her love, Geoffrey, was in need and she was willing to go the distance for him. Elizabeth's love for Geoffrey prompted her to obtain the glasses that he was so helpless without, regardless of what she had to do to obtain them. Whether it meant stealing from someone else. I'm not saying that her actions were just, but she felt that in this situation she had to do what she had to do, and that's ...view middle of the document...

Michael is a sucker for love. He punches Geoffrey out of anger, for a women he says he loves but probably doesn't love him. Elizabeth laughs in the end because Michael ends up breaking Geoffrey's glasses in which she worked so hard to get. Elizabeth basically used Michael to get back at Geoffrey.Sam is the kind of guy that doesn't do any favors unless he gets one in return. He asks Elizabeth to steal something for him in return for lending his boat to her. This shows that he has some pretty low values. If he was going to ask for a favor in return he could've asked her to mow his lawn or trim his bushes but stealing something is out of the question.Geoffrey is above all, the character I was most offensive of. His ungratefulness to Elizabeth was completely unacceptable. I feel that if he truly loved her he would understand why she did what she did. There was really no other way to obtain the glasses. But through his actions we can see that he doesn't truly love her. Elizabeth went out of her way to help him and he was completely ungrateful. In this situation I believe some moral standards can be overlooked when it comes to someone you love.This is my interpretation of the story. Though you may not agree with me, this is how I broke it down and I stick by it.

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